Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Wrathborn Hunt & Cryptolith Lure Guide

With most of the Destiny 2 community having already made its way through the new story in Beyond Light, they’ll no doubt be looking for something else to keep them occupied in the months ahead. Fans are in luck, as Destiny launched its latest seasonal activity, which should give players something to focus on until the new year.

If you’re reading this before completing the story content of Beyond Light, then beware of some spoilers ahead!

Starting with a mission that follows Guardians saving Osiris from the Hive, Uldren Sov (now going by The Crow again) shows up and saves our old Warlock from imminent death. Following this short mission, you’ll be tasked with visiting the Spider on the Tangled Shore, along with The Crow’s hideout literally just around the corner. The Spider asks you to work with The Crow to take down a new enemy type, The Wrathborn. These Hive and Fallen focused missions will see you visit the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City in short frantic hunts which feel slightly reminiscent of Monster Hunter, just not quite as fun.


With the Spider visited, go speak with The Crow who will give you the Cryptolith Lure.

What is the Cryptolith Lure?

Those who spent any time with The Chalice of Opulence during season seven will feel right at home with the Cryptolith Lure. The lure features a number of mods which you can slot in to produce the desired loot drop at the end. At the moment there are two enemy types, Fallen and Hive. A Fallen slotted drop will take you to the Tangled Shore and a hive slot will take you to the Dreaming City.

Charging The Lure

Before you can get started with any hunts, you’ll need to charge the lure. You can do this in three different ways: completing strikes, taking part in Gambit and playing in the Crucible. Completions across any of these activities will fill it up to a maximum of three charges before having to go on a hunt, so it’s up to you whether you grind out all three charges at once or do it a full loop at a time.

If you’re looking for quick charges, I would recommend manually loading into the Lake of Shadows Strike on the EDZ. It’s the fastest Strike in the game and should give you 30-40% of your charge. The Strike itself can be finished in 5-7 minutes if you’re skipping most enemies, meaning you can easily get a full charge every 15-20 minutes!

You can also accelerate the process by performing bonus actions. These objectives will sometimes fall in with the activities you’re already focusing on, but it probably isn’t worth going out of your way to do them.

Once you’ve got a charge, it’s time to fit a Prey Mod. What makes the Lure so great is the ability to target specific rolls (more on those shortly) or power drops. Looking for a power increase in your chest armour slot? Great, slot the relevant Prey Mod into the lure, add mods which enable you to roll specific types of perks and away you go.

Upgrading the Lure

There are five upgrades available for the lure which includes an increase in the amount of powerful drop, an increase in the number of drops and an increase in the amount of mod data which can be acquired. Mod data is key to upgrading the lure, as The Crow will exchange them in return for reputation upgrades which level up the mod itself.

Unlocking & Using Mods

The mods allow you to change specific elements of the weapons or armour you are working towards. You can add a strong or weak mutations slot which will allow you to seek a specific weapon or armour roll, although it is never 100% accurate. Mods instead increase the chances of you attaining the current meta roll. Each mod is a onetime use, so you’ll need to farm them if you are after a particular perk or stat base.

Unlocking new mods is pretty simple: just play the hunts through to completion and you will unlock mods as you go along. The Crow also sells a selection of mods which refresh each day, so make sure to check in with him.

Wrathbone Hunts

Make your way to the destination and the spot marked on the map by the lure. If you are having trouble spotting it, it should show up as a light blue marker, although both hunt types are close to the starting point of both locations. Find the giant Hive structure – it looks like a seashell – and pop your lure down. The first monster in the hunt will appear, alongside a number of weaker enemies. Kill the monsters that spawn to the left and the right off the boss, which should include two powerful enemies. These powerful enemies will drop a damage buff zone where they die, meaning you can deal additional damage to the Wrathborn monster.

When the Wrathborn hits around 25% health, it will become immune and vanish into thin air. You now have to track the monster through the level to meet it for a final showdown. Fortunately, the tracking bit is fairly easy, as the monster gives you a nice big green trail to follow, at the end of which you’ll find a mission marker that will transport you to the showdown with the monster.

Here you’ll have to follow the path in front of you to reach the escaping Wrathborn. Once you approach the Hive structure, you’ll have the option to place down your Lure again and finish off the low-health Wrathborn from the initial encounter. Once you’ve finished them off, the real boss will appear, prompting a similar showdown to the previous one.

Once again, you’ll need to dispatch the weaker enemies and then the powerful one in order to sit inside a damage buff. Xillox is currently the toughest of the monsters you’ll face, but you shouldn’t have much trouble if you use the damage buff zones.

The best loot from Wrathborn Hunts

Alongside a number of armour pieces, there are also some fairly solid weapons to find in this season’s activity. While the meta is always shifting, the weapons and perks below are the current rolls you should be aiming for.

Deafening Whisper

Grenade Launchers add serious fire firepower to your arsenal, and the Deafening Whisper does so without taking up a heavy slot. This void energy grenade launcher shoots a wave of energy when it’s projectiles hit the ground, making it incredibly effective at dealing damage over time to numerous enemies.

There are a few different rolls to seek out at the moment, but you’re going to want one with the following:

  • Linear Compensator/ Quick Launch / Smart Drift Control
  • High Velocity Rounds
  • Lead from Gold / Ambitious Assassin – This is great for PvE
  • Killing Wind / Surplus – This is great for PvP
  • Rampage / Wellspring / Auto-loading Holster
  • Friction Fire

Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns have been popular for sometime now, offering excellent maneuverability and firepower in a single package. Friction Fire is a kinetic SMG with a magazine size of 26, firing 600 rounds per minute. There’s plenty of different rolls to pick from with the Friction Fire, so we’ll break them into the best for different modes.

PvP & PvE

  • Fluted Barrel / Hammer Forged Rifling / Smallbore
  • Tactical Mag
  • Threat Detector
  • Vorpal Weapon / Rampage


  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Accurised Rounds / Steady Rounds
  • Killing Wind / Zen Moment
  • Wellspring


  • Corkscrew Rifling / Extended Barrel
  • Appended Mag / Extended Mag
  • Subsistence / Field Prep
  • Sympathetic Arsenal

Feel like we’ve missed something? Got any questions about the Wrathborn Hunts or Cryptolith Lure? Let us know in the comments below!