Rainbow Six Siege next-gen trailers confirms PS5 Xbox Series X|S release date

For a long time we’ve known that Ubisoft have had plans to enhance Rainbow Six Siege for next-gen consoles. Now, we finally have a release date for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions: December 1st, 2020.

To celebrate, Ubisoft have launched a new trailer, briefly showcasing what Rainbow Six Siege can do on these shiny new systems. In a nutshell you’ll be getting up to 120 FPS with 4K resolution, brining the console version much closer to the optimum Siege experience on PC.

Quick update: a press release from Ubisoft digs a little deeper into those new next-gen features:

  • 4K resolution (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X) / 1080p (Xbox Series S)
  • 120 fps (PlayStation5, Xbox Series X)
  • DualSense™ wireless controller capabilities for even deeper immersion (PlayStation 5)
  • Activities support for the most popular playlists so players can dive into the game faster (PlayStation 5)

The following features are also being implemented for an enhanced next-gen experience on all platforms:

  • Better accessibility (readability options, text to speech and speech to text)
  • Quick start (optimised login flow, streamlined intro sequence)
  • Ubisoft Connect overlay

Anyone who owns a copy of Rainbow Six Siege on last-gen platforms can upgrade for free without needing to purchase it again. This can be done by via Xbox Smart Delivery or by finding the game on the PS5 store and redeeming your copy there. Those upgrading from a disc on PS5 may encounter some issues.

In other Siege news, last week saw one of the game’s very first Operators undergo a makeover. The armour-clad Tachanka now carries a Shumikha incendiary grenade launcher instead of his previous static turret gadget. Speaking of which, this LMG has been torn from its mount and can now be used as Tachanka’s primary weapon. There’s also a new elite skin available to celebrate his rework as seen below.

There’s more Siege goodness to come even after the game’s leap to next-gen. Next month will see Year 5 Season 4 roll out with a new Operator, map rework, and more. Here’s a summary.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Summary

  • New Operator – Aruni
  • New Gadget – Surya Gate
  • Skyscraper map rework
  • Hibana X-KAIROS update
  • Echo Yokai drone update
  • Jäger Active Defense System update
  • Reduced runout timers
  • Improved Gadget on Gadget interactions
  • Sixth Guardian charity initiative
  • Vigil, Zofia, Dokka, Nomad, Kaid, Wamai and Kali Operator price reductions

With the game’s fifth anniversary being in December too, there’s a good chance Ubisoft will put on a celebration. How the years fly!

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