Demon’s Souls update 1.003 out now for PS5 remaster

Even remakes need patching from time to time as PlayStation gamers will discover when they go to boot up Demon’s Souls on PS5. There’s a new update available and ready to download for the popular action RPG, bring it up to version 1.003.

It appears as though this is a very minor update, weighing in at just a couple hundred megabytes. The developers at Bluepoint Games haven’t given any hints or published a changelog of patch notes. There’s no detailed update information available through the PS5 UI, nor is there a in-game message to notify players of any changes.

Here’s what Bluepoint have said about Demon’s Souls update 1.003:

Earlier today we released a patch fixing a few stability issues. We are listening to the community and continuing to work on fixes such as the gold coin glitch and other improvements. Thank you for all of the love and support as we make Demon’s Souls on PS5 an even better experience.

It’s likely that Bluepoint have been making some simple post-launch tweaks, ironing out bugs and glitches the community have stumbled upon in the days following its release.

Currently, Demon’s Souls stands out as the highest rated PS5 launch title among critics. The remake of FromSoftware’s 2010 cult classic is sitting on a comfortable 92 average over on OpenCritic, making it one of the best reviewed video game launches of 2020.

In our review, we awarded Demon’s Souls on PS5 a glorious 9 out of 10:

An unforgiving, unrelenting classic reborn for a new generation, Demon’s Souls is no more accessible now than it was back in 2010 (though the frame rate is much better). If you’ve ever been the slightest bit curious about the Souls series then you can revisit ground zero in all its glory, making for one of the best PlayStation launch titles of all time.

Source: Twitter (@bluepointgames)

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