PlayStation Plus free online multiplayer weekend will be held mid-December

Sony will be opening the gates to online multiplayer on PS4 and PS5 in the middle of December with a free online multiplayer weekend for non-PlayStation Plus subscribers.

It will run from midnight Saturday 19th December until 11:59PM on Sunday 20th December, both in local time.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about it. Online multiplayer used to be free on PlayStation, back in the glory days of the PS2 and PS3, but Sony followed in Microsoft’s footsteps at the start of the PS4 generation and locked it all behind an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Given how successful that’s been in lining Sony’s pockets with cash in the last seven years, I doubt we’ll see multiplayer being made free again any time soon, outside of these fleeting moments of free online play.

The timing is a little funny in relation to Christmas. Sony are presumably hoping that enough people will be tempted to join their subscription service – especially with early adopting PS5 owners – but playing 4D business chess by holding the free weekend ahead of Christmas when there will no doubt be a big jump in service usage that could see PSN downtime. That wouldn’t exactly be the best advert for a paid subscription…

While you can play online like a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you won’t have any of the other perks, which for the month of December includes multiplayer games Worms Rumble and Rocket Arena alongside the single player chaos of Just Cause 4. If you’re subscribed on PlayStation 5, then you get a ton of great games through the PlayStation Plus Collection.

So, with no sub, you’ll have to bring your own games to the free multiplayer weekend, whether that’s taking your FIFA 21 gaming online for the first time, diving back into your back catalogue for some GT Sport racing, or the perennial online shenanigans of GTA V.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Midnight Saturday until 11.59pm Sunday – so just under 24 hours? That’s a short weekend but might be an opportunity to co-op some Bloodborne.

    • Midnight Saturday in this case means 00:00 on Saturday morning, so it’s 48 hours.

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