Godfall update 2.1.17 is chock full of fixes

The team over at Counterplay Games have released a new update for their next-gen looter slasher, Godfall. Patch 2.1.17 is now available to download on PS5 and PC – you’ll need to install this update in order to play as Godfall requires an online connection.

There are no major highlights in version 2.1.17 though Counterplay are working to fix hefty list of issues flagged by the Godfall community in the days following its launch.

We recently reviewed Godfall for PS5, scoring the launch title an average 5 out of 10. There are some interesting combat mechanics at work though a scarcity of interesting content, strung together in such a repetitive manner.

The lack of multiplayer matchmaking doesn’t help though hopefully Counterplay have plans to address this and other concerns in future. For now, here are the latest patch notes:

Godfall Update 2.1.17 Patch Notes

General – All Platforms

  • Solved various collision issues across the realms where players could get stuck or clip through the world.
  • Solved an issue with new accounts causing a hitch of VFX when displayed for the first time (stuttering).
  • Solved an issue with Surety (Augment) that caused it’s damage to stack indefinitely with multiple Northern Techniques.
  • Solved an issue where Dreamstone Boons’ values could change randomly while in the Holomap menu.
  • Solved an issue where some higher tier midbosses were not dropping the correct amount of loot.
  • Solved an issue where Foreboding Reach (Augment) displayed a +0% bonus to Rampage damage. :crossed_swords:
  • Improve stability issues with co-op games.
  • Solved an issue where low level flex missions would not scale appropriately with high level players. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved various ledge climbing issues in the Water Realm.
  • Solved a missing augment constellation connection on the Hinterclaw valorplate.
  • Solved an issue in the equipment menu preventing players from equipping items from the 16th item slot of the first page.
  • Solved an issue with the Skip button overlap and legibility.
  • Solved an issue where certain trees in Crimson Glade would suffer from LOD issues.
  • Players can no longer be interrupted by enemy AoEs when performing takedowns.
  • Solved an issue where Nyak Windcarver’s electric orb was dealing more damage than intended
  • Solved an issue where post-mission free roam would incorrectly scale to the highest player level. Free roam after completing a mission will now retain the mission’s original level scaling. :crossed_swords:
  • The Darkstar Crusher (Legendary Hammer) primary trait has been adjusted: It will no longer affect Bosses (this includes Midbosses). Duration is now set to 15 seconds (previously 20s). The Time Bubble will slow enemies by 50% (previously 70%). Trait text will match the effect (previously, displayed 30% even though it was slowing by 70%).
  • Solved an issue during the mission Tormentor’s Asylum where enemies would spawn out of combat zones.
  • Solved an issue where players could be locked out of Light Attacks after performing certain Shield attacks. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue with monster descriptions in our Japanese localization.
  • Solved an issue where players could crash when playing coop against Zamora. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue with multiplayer Free Roam where activating multiple beacons at the same time would result in the final beacon giving an incorrect amount of rewards.
  • Solved an issue where God-Beast Ichor (Charm) would only spread poison to an enemy if it was their first time being poisoned.
  • Solved various issues with phase nodes not activating after completing a hunt mission.
  • Lock-on target icon will no longer display during cutscenes. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue where Dual Blades Northern Technique was not scaling at stage 4.
  • Credits now properly display after finishing the campaign.
  • Solved an issue where certain Dreamstones would not have their third activity choice displayed.
  • Solved an issue where the Siphon Skill was not available if the player had not unlocked Weapon Techniques.
  • Solved an issue where the Rank 5 Breach Skill (bonus damage to the next Charged Heavy Attack) only applied to the first hit of a multi-strike attack.
  • Solved an issue where the Raider achievement was not unlocking properly.
  • Solved several localization overlap issues with “Skill Unlock” notifications.
  • Solved an issue in the Tower of Trials where the number of respawns could reset after completing a trial. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where players with high latency could get stuck on a Defeated screen, unable to respawn.
  • Solved an issue with Warhammers receiving less bonus damage from various sources (Rampage, Polarity Attacks, Timing Attacks and consuming Rampage).
  • Solved an issue where Boons that give Warhammer extra damage gave less than originally shown.
  • Solved an issue where tooltips for destroying portals in the mission Shrine of the Godsmiths may show up and never expire.
  • Solved a crash while fighting Bronze Animus at the end of the Soulshatter tutorial room.
  • Solved an issue where multiplayer guests could select “Invite a Friend” when searching for a server, delaying load-times and possibly resulting in an error.
  • Solved an issue where players quickly accessing a holomap after loading from an intel mission would interfere with boons.
  • Solved an issue where Dreamstone Solaris’ Orb target players walking into the arena before they enter combat.
  • Solved an issue where Keyboard shortcuts in the Equipment menu could misplace UI.
  • Solved an issue where you could not dismiss the friends list using a controller.
  • Solved several issues where fighting Zamora for the first time in a session would cause hitches.
  • Solved an issue where skipping the final cutscene and credits would respawn the player in the boss arena. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue after completing Shrine of the Godsmiths where the Twilight Beacon for ending the mission disappears and selects a new one ~1400m away.
  • Solved an issue where Valorplate names would not appear localized.
  • Solved an issue where the Spirit Crystal mini-game would be considered complete if all crystals entered their correct realm at least once.
  • Solved an issue where Treasure Hermits would lose their knockdown immunity upon getting hit while trying to teleport away.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where players who force close the game are not removed from the party nor show a disconnecting message.
  • Solved a crash that could occur during a three player coop game in Alluvial Plains.
  • Solved an issue where Takedown Skill Rank 1 & 3 were not functioning correctly against certain melee enemies.
  • Solved an issue where players were unable to navigate the equipment submenus with their gamepad controllers.
  • Solved an issue where players were unable to navigate their friends list with their gamepad controller. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue where players were unable to navigate the cosmetics menu with their gamepad controller.
  • Solved an issue with Dreamstones where flex missions would advance to the next round if the timer ran out.
  • Solved a crash that could occur when opening a menu in Sanctum with raytracing enabled.
  • Solved several issues with codex entries that would not unlock or unlock at the wrong time.
  • Solved an issue where the player could get stuck in the Sanctum upon completing a Dreamstone.
  • Solved an issue where the Clear Skills button would at times not refund any skill points.
  • Added seven items missing from the loot pool. These should now drop appropriately, keep an eye out!
  • Solved an issue where players needed to wait for the Parry animation to finish before taking another action.
  • Solved an issue where the player could not start sprinting until they caught their shield from a throw.
  • Solved an issue where the level-up animation would interrupt camera close-ups during conversation cutscenes.

PC Only

  • Solved a crash when respawning after returning to the game from another window.
  • Solved an issue where upgrading an item without highlight a trait when using a mouse would cause the upgrade to fail and other issues.
  • Solved an issue where the Training Room icons would not swap to display the current input device.
  • Solved an issue where alternating between controller and M&KB would cause joysticks prompts to appear as debug text.
  • Improved Ultra-Wide resolution support.

PlayStation 5 Only

  • Solved an issue where pressing the F11 key on a plugged keyboard would cause the game to hang.
  • Solved an issue where changing a controls setting in a language other than English would change most text back to English.

Source: Official Gearbox Forums

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