Warframe PS5 version now available, file size revealed

Warframe, the highly popular multiplayer shooter/slasher, is now available to download on PlayStation 5.

Weighing in at just over 25GB you can dive straight into this slick sci-fi ninjafest with, the PS5 version of Warframe being completely free-to-play.

You’ll be able to carry your PS4 progression forward, Warframe allowing for cross-gen play between both systems. This next-gen upgrade will also make use of the DualSense adaptive triggers.

Here’s what Digital Extremes COO, Sheldon Carter, had to say about the new PS5 upgrade (via the PlayStation Blog):

For us, it means bringing nearly eight years of evolutionary content into the future for PS5. It means new players experiencing Warframe for free with a brand new graphics engine, up to 60fps and 4K from the very start. It means PS4 players transitioning seamlessly to an all new generation. And it means all the friends you’ve made sticking together, with PS4 and PS5 gamers playing together with cross-generational play — a first for Warframe.

Warframe was made available on PlayStation 4 the day the console launched back in November 2013. Having played a fair chunk back in its heyday, and now in 2020, the two versions of the game feel worlds apart. Over the past several years, the team at Digital Extremes have pumped Warframe with a ridiculous amount of free content while introducing completely new ways to play.

Railjacks added the ability to command ships in Warframe, exploring space and engaging in dogfights. Meanwhile, the Plains of Eidolon update brought with it a huge open world to explore, steering away from Warframe’s previous focus on tight, dungeon-like levels.

Digital Extremes are hoping that Warframe’s fluid combat, combined with visual enhancements and a “butter-smooth” framerate will bring even more Tenno on board. For those picking up a PlayStation 5, it’s well worth a shot. Not everyone will gel with the grindy progression you’ll need to initially wade through but it’s easily one of PlayStation’s best free-to-play offerings.

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