Rocket League Season 2 is rolling out next week, bringing more Xbox Series X|S enhancements

Psyonix has confirmed that Rocket League’s second season will be going live next week, on December 9th to be precise, bringing with it more enhancements for Xbox Series X and Series S… but not PlayStation 5.

The theme of Season 2 is music and will include songs from EDM artist Kaskade. The new music will not just be part of the soundtrack as season 2 will add the customisation option of player anthems. Players can choose a song to play when they score a goal to really drive home the fact you hit the net.

Rocket League Season 2 will also bring with a new arena with this arena being Neon Fields, which is inspired by the EDM music scene. It will be available in Online Playlists and be selectable in Private Matches. A new season pass will be going live with music themed content, including the R3MX car and over 70 items across tiers available to those who purchase the premium Rocket Pass.

Throughout the season there will be Rocket Labs playlists that will offer some experimental ways to play the Rocket League. It will include an arena inspired by Rocket League’s predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars.

There will be seasonal challenges with the first stage set to start on December 9th. The second stage will start on January 6th, the third stage will release on February 3rd, and the final stage will hit on March 3rd.The update for Season 2 will go live the day before season 2 launches and patch notes will be available on the same day.

But back to the next-gen support for a second. Psyonix were one of the developers who opened up about the state of affairs with regard to adding support for the new generation of games consoles.

PlayStation 5 owners will only be able to play the game is PS4 Pro mode thanks to the need to build a completely new version of the game – well, seemingly for everyone that isn’t a first party Sony studio. On Xbox Series X|S, the game was enhanced on day one thanks to the ability to implement a “minor patch” they said to Eurogamer. This new update is adding further performance modes for the game that enable 120fps play. It’s a similar state of affairs for games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Here’s the quality and performance modes that you’ll find added to Rocket League:

Xbox Series X

  • Quality – 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR
  • Performance – Game runs at 2688×1512 resolution (70% of full 4K) at 120 FPS with HDR

Xbox Series S

  • Quality – 1080p Resolution at 60 FPS with HDR
  • Performance – Game runs at 1344×756 (70% of Full 1080p) Resolution at 120 FPS with HDR

Source: Press Release

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