For Honor reveals new hero, Y4S4 starts next week

Ubisoft have revealed their latest major content drop for For Honor with Year 4 Season 4 ready to roll out next week.

This newest season is dubbed “Mayhem” and will be going live next Thursday, on December 10th. Spearheading this latest update is a new For Honor fighter name Gryphon.


Wielding a two-handed bardiche axe, this battle-scarred warrior is the 29th character to join the For Honor roster. Earlier this year, Ubisoft introduced The Warmonger, a gruesome fighter styled after the singleplayer campaign’s antagonist, Apollyon.

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Gryphon’s hero trailer gives us a glimpse at some of his moves and perks. It’s likely he’ll be classed as either a heavy or hybrid fighter though it’s hard to determine from the gameplay footage which difficulty tier he’ll slot into. Here’s a little bit of lore surrounding this For Honor newcomer:

Previously known as Holden Cross, Gryphon was a great warrior in the Order of the Lawbringers who fought side-by-side with Apollyon in the Blackstone Legion. After her death, he was rejected by his fellow Lawbringers, prompting him to join a mercenary guild and embark on a journey across the world, making friendships in all factions and learning new fighting techniques. Now equipped with a sturdy polearm named Bardiche, the Knight Errant Gryphon is here to lead the resistance to victory against the Order of Horkos.

Gryphon will be available when For Honor Year 4 Season 4 goes live on December 10th. You can unlock him for £6.49 as part of a DLC pack that also includes some extra cosmetics, resources, and other bonuses. This is the only way to gain access until two weeks later, on December 24th, when he’ll be available to buy for 15,000 Steel, For Honor’s in-game currency.

Ubisoft have yet to announce what other content and features will be included in Y4S4 Mayhem. What we do know, however, is that a next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will be coming very soon. It will bring the following improvements:

  • Improved Water Reflections
  • Improved Distance Level of Detail
  • Improved Shadow Resolution
  • Improved Texture Filtering
  • 4k Resolution (Xbox Series X, PS5) / 1080 p (Xbox Series S)

Source: Press Release

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