The Last of Us 2 gets new Abby story trailer

Almost half a year after the game’s launch, Naughty Dog have uploaded a new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II.

Not exactly timely you might think, but it shows off portions of the game that were mostly absent from all pre-release media leading up the game’s launch back in June.


This new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II has a much heavier emphasis on Abby as a character, showing the game’s story play out partly through her eyes.

The video is chock full of spoilers so if you’ve yet to play the game yourself and want to go in blind then stay well clear of this one.

As those who have played TLOU2 will know, around half way through you will switch from Ellie to Abby, replaying the days leading up to their confrontation. This came as a huge surprise – just as we thought the The Last of Us: Part II was about to wrap up, it near enough doubles in length, and then some.

With awards season on the horizon, Sony are no doubt keen to thrust their flagship game of 2020 back into the spotlight after a very drawn out year.

As with most PlayStation 4 games, The Last of Us: Part II is playable on PS5 thanks to the console’s backwards compatibility feature. Those playing on Sony’s shiny new console can expect improved loading times as well as enhanced haptic feedback which also makes use of those DualSense adaptive triggers.

As for what comes next, Naughty Dog have yet to make any announcements. We know that TLOU’s Factions multiplayer is due to return so hopefully we’ll get some news on that soon.

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  1. Odd time to release this, but, hey, a good trailer! And, Abby is way cooler than Ellie anyway.

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