Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season One delayed by a week

Activision have decided to push back the start of Season One of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and the new Cold War inspired era of Warzone by one week. The updates will now drop on 16th December, instead of the previously planned 10th December.

As I’m sure many an eagle-eyed gamer will note, that means that Activision have dodged out the way of a Cyberpunk 2077 shaped bullet, though they obviously won’t admit that’s a factor.


Instead they’re keen to stress just how big these updates are, stating that they’re the largest fee content drop that a Black Ops game has ever seen.

Black Ops Cold War will see the return of 2v2 Gunfish from Modern Warfare, which will come with four new maps for the mode, while there will be a new Fireteam map set in the Hollywood Hills. Yup, the popular Black Ops II map Raid will be returning for this update.

Season One will see a string of rewards to chase after through Season Challenges, new Zombies modes and a cross-title Seasonal Prestige system.

Of course, this will also be when Warzone receives its major overhaul to match. There will be a brand new Warzone map and mode at launch, with 30 Black Ops Cold War base weapons and a number of Blueprint variants thrown into the weapon pool. They’re also mixing up how the Gulag works.

So yeah, there’s a lot of moving parts, and Activision say that “For this to occur, we’re taking a few more days to finalize everything before unleashing this massive drop of new, free content to the community.”

To assuage fans that might for whatever reason feel slighted by this, they will be flicking the switch to enable Double XP and Double Weapon XP for Black Ops Cold War, starting at 6PM GMT on Saturday 12th December and running through to the start of Season One.

Additionally, there will be two free bundles that you can grab between 6PM GMT on 8th December and 7AM GMT on 16th December, which include:

“Field Research” Bundle

  • 1 Epic Operator Skin (Park)
  • 1 Epic SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Epic Reticle
  • 1 Epic Calling Card
  • 1 Rare Weapon Charm

“Certified” Bundle

  • 1 Epic Operator Skin (Garcia)
  • 1 Rare Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Epic Reticle
  • 1 Epic Weapon Charm

Source: Activision

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