Dead Cells next DLC is called Fatal Falls, out early 2021

Motion Twin has announced a brand new piece of DLC for Dead Cells, and it is called Fatal Falls. The studio has stated it is aiming for a Q1 2021 release and that Fatal Falls will cost $4.99. It is available to wish list now. The new DLC will add two extra areas which will continue Beheaded’s journey while outside of the Castle. There will also be a new boss to challenge who is not actively hunting the player, but instead just minding their own business.


This is not the first piece of DLC to be released for Dead Cells. Earlier this year, the Bad Seed DLC was released.  That added the add new territories including The Swamp, The Arboretum, and The Nest. Prior to that The Bad Seed’s release the Rise of the Giants DLC came out for Dead Cells.

In our review Jason wrote:

With incredibly satisfying gameplay, a constant stream of unlocks, and a world that challenge every cell of your being, Dead Cells is a must own for anyone who likes even one aspect of what has been mentioned here. Every success will fill you with endorphins, every failure will inspire you to get better. When you finally take out the final boss you will be elated. It is here that Dead Cells lets you know that it is just the beginning, there are a few more go around yet, and each one gets harder and harder. This is the kind of game that can last you forever, you just have to let it beat you in the head a few times.

You can read the full Dead Cells review here.

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