What We Played #478 – Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising

It’s such a lovely time of the year, as we’re able to legitimately refuse to go outside and can instead curl up in front of our brand new consoles. This week has remained a busy one, but I’ve still snuck in some more Dirt 5 and Sackboy, both of which are already amongst my favourite games this year. Other than that I’m hoping to get in some time with Fenyx in Immortals Fenyx Rising this weekend, while wondering about whether adding my to my backlog with Cyberpunk is a good idea.

Tom Harrison-Lord was first in line this week and he’s been playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 and “getting into the swing of things (ho ho).” He’s also been playing Liftoff Drone Racing which “is very tricky so far.”

Steve meanwhile has been a busy bee playing games for review on his PC, telling us, “I clocked the terrifying Visage which left me somewhat scar(r)ed, Morbid The Seven Acolytes which was more than just alright, enjoyed visual novel ALTDEUS virtually on my lovely Oculus, was a pretty grumpy sod about Twin Mirror by DontNod, and then finally, began to play The Call of the Sea.”

Aran played Immortals Fenyx Rising for review and enjoyed his time with it. That’s not all he told us though; “I’ve also been playing Miles Morales, and just need to complete the game on NG+ to platinum it. I’ve really enjoyed it and excited to see what the next game in the series will be like.”

While he had high hopes for it, Nic B was unltimately a bit disappointed by Phogs, thanks to “how buggy it is and how repetitive the puzzles are.” Gareth finished Watch Dogs Legion, “which was fun”, and some Rocket League. Sadly he always says “I’ve also been playing the “Got the Money for a PS5, but no PS5″ game, which gets 0/10.”

Rolling his way through the week, Jim’s either been on four wheels in the superb Dirt 5, or a growing ball of nonsense in Katamari Damacy Reroll. He says, “Dirt 5 has been great fun, straddling the line between arcade racer and racing sim. There’s an obvious smack of MotorStorm to it and although I probably won’t throw myself into the online crucible, I’m having loads of fun simply dipping in for a few career races at a time. Katamari has been just as enjoyable. A joyfully silly remaster that everyone needs to play. There’s something extremely therapeutic to rolling your Katamari around each stage, consuming as many objects as you can and watching it balloon into a kaiju-sized monster.”

Reuben has been sharing his time between Miles Morales on PS5, “which is gorgeous and such a heartwarming game,” and NieR on PS3, “which is less gorgeous and has combat that is so clunky I want to hurt myself. Loving them both though.”

Nick P has mostly been playing Demon’s Souls this week, saying he’s “enjoying it a lot so far. I also got the plat on both Spider-Man games as well as putting in some time into MK11 Ultimate – really enjoying Mileena and her awesome face.”

Ade has been throwing all his free-time at the unbelievably massive Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, saying, “It is totally Thorsome and probably my favourite Assassin’s Creed yet.” while Miguel meanwhile has been playing a lot of Black Ops Cold War. He then played some Apex after being away from it for a few weeks and had a very rough time readjusting. He continues “I’m also getting a bit back into Fortnite now since the new season has started up, but I’ve been falling off of Yakuza Like A Dragon a bit because I’m really not a fan of the combat, but I did plow through the entire Management minigame over the weekend, aaaaand I’ve been getting back into Genshin Impact after the new update introduced a very “explicitly designed for Miguel Moran” character in the form of Xinyan the fire guitarist.”

Tef spent most of the week playing Per Aspera, which is a really cool management sim about terraforming Mars that’s just let down a bit by how easily the dialogue can get jumbled up and out of order. Finally, Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2 and Valhalla, and says we should expect this to be his new default. Hooray for variety!

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I’m about half way through Jedi Fallen Order. Dropped down to story mode though as I wasn’t enjoying the combat at all… far more fun slashing through the bad guys and force pushing them off ledges!

  2. A few new things this week.

    Worms Rumble is lots of fun, surprisingly. Even though it’s not really a proper worms game. I’m off enough to remember the original. Nobody remind me how long ago that was, please.

    And thanks to PS Now, some Wreckfest. Which is great if your usual driving abilities lead to crashing into everything anyway.

    Then, because it’s on sale in that weird end of year sale that finishes before christmas, Two Point Hospital. Which probably took up more time than everything else combined. Everything about it is just to much fun. And a bit chaotic. Still learning the best strategies that don’t end up with huge queues of people with stupid diseases, and ghosts. And how many toilets does one hospital need? Everyone’s always complaining about that. Maybe I built too many drinks machines?

  3. Watching my kids play AstroBot was helpful, they actually found the puzzle pieces I still missed, so when they were in bed, I got the platinum, my first for a while and, of course, the first on the PS5.
    Then, I finished The Bunker on PS4, which was ok, but by far not as good as Erica.

    Oh, and Sony quite aggressively, and in my view totally unnecessarily, stopped the old PlayStation app from working, so forced me to update to the new one. As I already expected, it’s completely broken now: it doesn’t work any longer on my Android device, it’s a lazy, shoddy implementation, requiring Google services and doesn’t run without these. Shame on you, Sony, for cutting me, and many other users with clean Android devices off from using your service.

  4. Not much time this week as we’re fully back to work but i did manage to beat the Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne – the last boss i defeated was Rom back in 2018! :)

    • Very cool..! I did the same a while back and was impressed again how quickly you actually can get back into the game, in spite of it’s difficulty. And then you suddenly make progress where you’d given up earlier, and that’s quite amazing. However, I dropped out again, just before the ending, but will go back to it soon, to finish this excellent game.

  5. Played Bugsnax and bagged the Platinum. Didn’t enjoy it but hey it was free lol
    Played alot of Call of Duty Zombies trying max my skill for that Easter Egg trophy hopefully obtain it this weekend. Also started the campaign last night. Really enjoying it so far.
    Downloaded Worms Rumble. Was unsure If I will like it or not as it looked chaotic. Glad I downloaded as it is fun for an hour on a daily basis. Came in 2nd place on Deathmatch! So close to get that trophy to win Deathmatch. The trophy shall be mine! Oh yes it will be mine….. soon!

  6. This week I got the platinum on Spider-man Miles Morales for PS5 also played my first ever game of Fortnite after months of my kids pestering me to play, love the haptic feedback on the controller but I can’t see myself playing too much my kids can build a skyscraper in seconds whilst took me 5 mins to work out how to build a wall!

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