DIRT 5 wheel support, more Online events & next-gen visual improvements coming in update 2.00

Codemasters are gearing up for a major update for their bombastic arcade racer DIRT 5. Update 2.00 is “right around the corner“, bringing with it wheel support, further optimisations for next-gen consoles, more Online game modes, and more.

While it’s absolutely an arcade racer and one that you can fully enjoy with a gamepad in hand, there’s a certain cachet of racing fans that will always want to put their hands on their racing wheel peripherals.


Dirt 5 will be “using data and feedback from previous Codemasters titles”, most specifically from GRID. If you’ve got a current Thrustmaster or Logitech wheel, chances are you’ll be fully supported, while Fanatec wheels might be a little trickier, given their modularity, and support will grow after initial support has been added. On PC, Fanatec peripherals will typically work when connected to the wheel itself.

Head here for the list of supported wheels for GRID, to get a rough idea.

Beyond that, Codemasters will be adding more Online race events, including some multi-class races. They’re also making adjustments to the handling of Sprint cars, and will be tweaking the discoverability in Playgrounds so that you can find the best content quicker.

Codemasters also have some work to do with the graphics settings, and will be adding V-Sync options on PS4. They’re also making another pass on the next-gen versions of the game – this will likely be to address the disparity between PS5 and Xbox Series X in 120Hz mode, with Series X seeming to have lower quality visual settings compared to PS5, but having a steadier 120fps as a consequence.

There’s no word on if update 2.00 will also feature the revised haptic and trigger feedback for DualSense controller that was promised around the launch of the PS5.

We expect patch notes to be available around the time of the update’s release.

Dirt 5 is out now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Codemasters

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