Zombie Army 4: Season 2’s second mission, Alpine Blitz, is out now

After all that zombie battling through the Zombie Army series, it’s high time for the deadhunters to get a bit of time to relax on a lovely train ride up into the Alps.

What’s that, you say? The train is also zombie infested? And there’s a zeppelin hovering above that’s probably going to blow you to smithereens unless you can get to an airfield and escape? Cool.


Alpine Blitz, the second mission for Zombie Army 4: Season 2, is out now for all platforms – PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.


Alongside the new mission, this episode also includes some festive cheer with some new skins and weapons:

  • Holiday Season Headgear Bundle
  • Holiday Weapon Skins
  • Berserker Boris Outfit
  • SVT-38 Rifle Bundle
  • Sten MK2 SMG Bundle
  • Holiday Season Charm Pack

The third and final mission from Season 2 is expected in January 2021, though that’s obviously subject to change. The teaser art on DLC Season 2’s content roadmap hinting at an assault on the aforementioned zeppelin. We can also expect a few little extras in early 2021, such as a new Horde map that will be free for all.

We had a grand old time with our Zombie Army 4: Dead War review when it came out all the way back in February. With new player abilities and weapon mods, alongside more refined level design, I said:

“If you like shooting zombies with friends, then Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the game for you. There’s a few new twists and several layers of progression now thrown into the mix, as you battle undead Nazis once again, but this is classic undead sniping action through and through.”

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