Dragon Age 4 is coming, and it’s simply called Dragon Age

As we already know Dragon Age 4 is on its way, fittingly, two years after its announcement at the same event, The Game Awards has confirmed that Bioware’s next title is still going to be Dragon Age 4. However, it’s forgoing the number and instead it looks like it’s just going to be Dragon Age. Presumably that’s intended not to put new players off from getting in on the action, but either way, if you’re a fan of RPGs you should definitely put this one right at the top of your list for the foreseeable future if it wasn’t there already.


The reveal trailer doesn’t give much away, giving us some pleasant cinematics of bow wielding warriors, and fighting against dragons, demons and dark spawn against some suitably fantastical backdrops, including our old favourite, the lava filled cavern. We do see the return of Elven mage Solas which should please Dragon Age fans, while the voiceover tells us that “It’s time for a new hero, no ancient hand, no legacy” so perhaps we’re going to have a new unnamed, ordinary central character who’s swept up in all sorts of shenanigans.

Dragon Age: Origins was the first game in the series, releasing 11 years ago, and remains on my all-time favourite RPG list. Dragon Age II is not on my list, but it did release a couple of years later in 2011. Things greatly improved for 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition though, and if you have Game Pass or EA Play you can check it out right now. In fact, forget about reading this, go and download it and prepare yourself for the new Dragon Age. You’ll thank me later.

Bioware have seen some of their top staff leave recently – hopefully that’s not going to hurt Dragon Age, but their recent run of games; Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, haven’t hit the same highs as the company’s earlier work.

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