Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2021, but what about Xbox One?

The console release of Microsoft Flight Simulator has been something that Xbox fans have dreamt of for at least the last few month. Now, Microsoft have dropped a trailer showcasing the game’s stunning recreation of the world and what’s possible on Xbox Series X.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be out for Xbox Series X|S in summer 2021.

That’s great and all, but what about Xbox One? Wasn’t Microsoft Flight Simulator meant to come to Xbox One as well?

For now, it seems that only Xbox Series X|S is confirmed, with the Xbox One sure to be a much bigger challenge for developer Asobo Studio to optimise the game for. That will be a big disappointment for those expecting the game on the last-gen console, especially the Xbox One X, which should be able to cope much better than the original console.

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  1. Considering how demanding it is on PC, it’s not surprising it won’t appear on the last gen.
    The best news I read is that it means DX12 should come to PC at some point, hopefully giving big performance gains

    • Yeah, a part of the performance is down to the limited threading with DX11. It’s a bit of a shame considering the expectation and talk all sounded like it would come to XBO.

      • Yeah that’s true, but maybe if it comes to Project xCloud it will be able to be enjoyed by more.

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