Super Meat Boy Forever is out this month on Epic Games Store

Can you believe it has been six years since the first murmurings of Super Meat Boy Forever. The game original began life as a mobile specific game but as time went on Team Meat expanded the game and decided to aim for more platforms. In 2017, the studio announced that Super Meat Boy Forever would out in 2018. That did not happen. Then in 2018, Team Meat announced that Super Meat Boy Forever would be out in 2019. That too did not happen. Now, Team Meat has confirmed Super Meat Boy Forever will be out in 2020. On December 23rd in fact, which is less than two weeks away.


Super Meat Boy Forever will be available for PC via the Epic Games Store on December 23rd, and has a 10% discount applied to it. Release dates for other platforms and stores is yet to be confirmed. Steam currently lists the game for 2021, the PlayStation site has a TBC next to the release date, and there is no listing yet on the Microsoft store either for people who would want to play on Xbox consoles. We are sure to hear more after the Epic Games Store release.

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