What We Played #479 – Cyberpunk 2077, Haven & Worms Rumble

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 update

It feels like we’re really racing through December as we cross another working week off our calendars on the way to being able to wave goodbye to 2020.

Last night played host to the almost interminable The Game Awards, which would make even blockbuster film watchers fidget and look at their watch with how long it was. Did the awards they handed out make sense to you, though? Does The Last of Us Part II deserve a pretty clean sweep? It’s something we’ll be asking and coming up with our own answers to pretty soon.

Perhaps there’s space for another game to make a last minute challenge, with this week’s launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Smooth sailing it has not been for CDPR’s latest RPG epic though, from epilepsy triggers to just outright bugginess and pants performance on old consoles… Still, it’s gathered more than a few plaudits.

After reviewing Worms Rumble, Gamoc succumbed to his desire to pick up Cyberpunk 2077, draining funds from his PlayStation 5 fund to snag it for launch and… he’s actually found it to be pretty OK. After giggling at some of the more amusing bugs, he noted the “Nipples: On/Off” toggle, and he also said it’s “pretty great so far. I’ve only seen a few bugs and no explicit ones. Someone did walk through the doors of a lift a second before they opened though…”

Jim was also waiting for Cyberpunk until he discovered that his pre-order hadn’t actually gone through! Luckily it’s only meant as a Christmas gift for himself, and would’ve been swiftly wrapped up. So instead he’s played some Worms Rumble, honed his skill in For Honor and fired up Final Fantasy XIV for the latest update. He’s gone so far as to roll a brand new character.

Another on the Final Fantasy XIV train was Reuben, thanks to the “amazing” Patch 5.4 that arrived on Tueday. Aside from that, he’s been playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (review incoming) and Ikenfell, both of which he heartily recommends.

Aran has been playing the “tough but excellent” Unto The End, while also reviewing Haven. “I really like the main characters and the music is 👌.” I absolutely agree on that!

All Tom Lord managed to do this week was buy The Pathless, so we swiftly move on to Steve who reviewed Call of the Sea, played a bit of Monster Sanctuary and played an exciting console launch title: Killzone: Shadowfall. “It left me cold with some generic shooty stuff and awful checkpointing.”

Nic B played all the way through Spider-Man: Miles Morales, calling it “suitably excellent”, before squeezing in some MTG Arena and Monster Hunter World, where he’s really looking forward to some PS5 optimisations.

Miguel mixed Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch with some drum bashing with the new Taiko Rhythmic Adventure Pack, and messing around with Fortnite for the new battle pass. “I wish I was immune to capitalism,” he said, “but, alas, I need the cute character skins for this game I barely ever play.”

It was the standard mixture of Destiny 2 and AC Valhalla for Tuffcub, while Nick P played, finished and got the platinum for Demon’s Souls. It’s merely a “starter” Souls game in his opinion. There was also WWE Undefeated and he’s been previewing Echo Generation.

And last and least, I had some fun trying (and failing) to team up for a run through Halo: The Master Chief Collection in co-op on PC this week, continued my Forza Horizon 4 adventure with some of the excellently silly Lego Speed Champions DLC, and soaked in the wonderful soundtrack of Haven while exploring the first couple hours of this intriguing narrative RPG.

Now it’s over to you. What have you played this past week? Have you picked up The Game?

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  1. Well no Platinums for me this week. Call of Duty: Cold War – Dead Ops Arcade is a joke of the trophy which requires to sit 4hrs to reach to wave 62! Madness I tell ya!
    Been playing Worms Rumble and I am now on the grindfest daily to get the remaining trophies to obtain a Platinum which will be in 2 to 3 weeks time (depending on these daily challenges)
    Still keep getting blue screen when loading up my current save. I am now fearing to the lost of 84hrs of my progress. Thanks Ubisoft!
    I might aswell play Cyberpunk this weekend instead of waiting for PS5 version if only I could continue Valhalla!

  2. Still Far Cry 5 for me, I’m just finishing off the hunting trophies before the last mission in the story… On to the the dlc after that…

  3. After getting distracted last weekend watching Raised by Wolves, just because Ridley Scott, really (well, it’s quite good too, even if he only directed a couple of episodes)…

    Mostly the same as last week. With the added bonus of a bit too much Rocket League. Which has improved since I last touched it years ago.

    And this week’s new free-to-play offering, Vigor. Which is an interesting little game, really. I guess “run around grabbing as much stuff as you can while avoiding everyone and then run away” is a good tactic. Given that the alternative is run into someone else, and quite possibly die quickly. And then lose all your stuff. Including the weapons you took with you. And then have to suffer an obnoxious yellow notice saying “you could have kept your stuff if you’d bought insurance”. Which involves paying real money. I think that’s about £1.20. At best, with the £80 bundle of moneys. So sod that, I’ll run around being terrified every time I hear a gunshot or extra loud footsteps. And if you do escape, it gives you another notice saying “you could have got more stuff if you’d paid”.

    It’s still quite good fun though, just gets slightly annoying being pestered to spend money. That you don’t really need to spend anyway, which I guess is a point in it’s favour. And it looks like once you’ve got enough stuff to build up your shelter, it starts earning you money anyway.

  4. I played through The Complex, which I enjoyed. Sometimes I like these short games you can play through in well under 2 hours and which focus on story instead of just testing your reflexes. Then I continued Bugsnax, and I’m still not convinced it’s more than a game that desperately tries to be funny, but which isn’t.
    Otherwise, I discovered the Netflix series ‘Dark’, which I can only highly recommend, it’s excellent. If you like ‘darker’ things, that is…

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