Monster Hunter Rise weapons showcased in new teasers

With the next Monster Hunter title due to release in just a few months’ time, Capcom have been drip feeding MH fans new info on the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Two new videos released by the Japanese publisher show two Monster Hunter Rise weapon classes in action, both of them being returning franchise favourites.


These include the deadly Dual Blades which were originally introduced in Monster Hunter 2. These offence focused daggers are designed for rapid attack chains and dealing a hefty amount of damage as players weave in and out landing successive hits.

Next up we have the Bow which favours a dynamic yet distanced playstyle. Bow players can pinpoint areas on a monster for massive damage while also applying various status effects.

As we can see in both videos, these two weapons have been upgraded somewhat for Monster Hunter Rise. It appears as though Capcom is upping the versatility of its hunting arsenal with new “Silkbind” powers. Using the grapple hook-like “Wirebug” players can also gain access to more aerial attacks.

For those Monster Hunter fans wondering, we recently discovered that Capcom won’t be adding any new weapon classes in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise – 7 things you need to know

Monster Hunter Rise was announced alongside Monster Hunter Stories 2 in a Nintendo Direct showcase earlier this year. So far the game has only been confirmed for Nintendo Switch and wont be directly comparable to Monster Hunter: World. With Rise, Capcom are looking to branch off in a different direction while still delivering that same core Monster Hunter experience. A new trailer for the sequel was shown at The Game Awards 2020.

Whether or not Monster Hunter Rise will remain locked to the Nintendo Switch seems likely though we’d obviously love to see it appear elsewhere. Although unconfirmed, intel extracted from a major Capcom leak last month specifically mentions that a PC version is due to launch in 2021.

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