Among Us announced for Nintendo Switch, is out today!

Slow burning indie hit Among Us has stealth released on Nintendo Switch and will be available to download and play today, December 15th!


There is no news on PlayStation or Xbox versions and as Nintendo are all over this announcement I would expect there’s some sort of timed exclusivity deal, but the other console version can’t be far behind.

Last week new map for Among Us was revealed at The Game Awards, where developer Innersloth picked up a couple of awards (and were totally adorable with their reactions and acceptance speeches).

Called The Airship, the new map is set on the Toppat Airship, with tasks like polishing diamonds and emptying trashcans. You’ll have to take ladders to get around, while there’s new mechanics like being able to choose your starting position after a meeting, and more.

Among Us has been one of the indie hits of the summer, despite actually having released all the way back in 2018. The game was discovered by Twitch streamers, with its paranoia-infused multiplayer making for a lot of fun and plenty of cross-channel collaborations. It helps that the game’s really cheap at just £4.

The game is built for 4-10 players, with one or more players being an “imposter”, and alien interloper who has to try and murder their way through the other players as they try to complete tasks. As murdered bodies are discovered, players report them and call a group meeting to bicker, accuse, and potentially kick someone out of an airlock. There’s tons of options to customise lobbies and tweak settings to balance the game for your group,

In response to the sudden boom in popularity in August, Innersloth set back to work on their now very popular game. It had achieved moderate popularity originally, allowing them to start working on a sequel, but they decided to instead cancel the sequel and put more resources into supporting their now huge audience.

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