AndaSeat Jungle Series Gaming Chair Review

Without wanting to dwell on the reasons behind it, it’s a fact of 2020 that many of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home in front of a computer monitor. The great home office furniture shortage of the summer will go down in folklore alongside the toilet paper stampede and that time I couldn’t find my favourite brand of coffee in the supermarket. One unforeseen consequence of the switch to working from home was that it highlighted how inappropriate many of our setups were for lengthy sessions. Unable to take my laptop to a local cafe to work I was left using the same battered old Ikea chair for work and gaming purposes. I therefore jumped at the chance to replace this charity shop pickup with a proper gaming chair. So how does the Andaseat Jungle Series shape up? Take a seat – probably not as comfortable as mine – and I’ll tell you more.

Absolutely the first thing that’ll hit you is the sheer size and weight of this chair. Coming in a box big enough for my 9 year old son to sleep in (his choice, I’d like to add), the first obstacle was getting it into the house! Luckily my PC is on the ground floor so I didn’t have to set up a system of pulleys and ropes to manoeuvre it. There may be some comic exaggeration at play here but I was certainly surprised by how solid this unit is, and that weight leads to a sturdy chair that can support even larger gamers with a maximum load of 22 stone.


As is often the case, the chair did require some assembly, as it came snugly packaged in separate parts. The packaging was sufficient without being excessive – an important aspect as we become more and more conscious about cutting down unnecessary waste.  The assembly instructions were clear and well laid out, with no trace of the translation issues that so often plague international products. All that was needed for building were two enclosed hex allen keys, and lots of the bolts were pre-installed rather than loose packed. This meant they needed to be removed to use but, crucially, made it obvious where they needed to go back which was a really helpful touch.

Putting the chair together was a (mostly) frustration free experience, with the only issue being my own lack of concentration leading me to attach the chair mechanism upside down despite the obvious label pointing to the front. There’s no accounting for basic mistakes but this was easy to remedy. I managed the build solo but holding the back and seat together for bolting purposes took some considerable strength and coordination, as did lifting the whole unit at the end so I’d recommend a helper if available.

The seat itself is excellently constructed, especially given the reasonable retail price. The steel framework, 5 star aluminium base, and PVC Leather material are all hard-wearing and durable, ensuring that this chair won’t be a stopgap solution. The high quality memory foam cushion is just as comfortable as you’d expect, with detachable lumbar and neck support pillows adding that extra touch of comfort. My only issue with these is fighting my cat to get them installed so they are staying in place.

As you’d expect from a gaming chair, the design is heavily influenced by science fiction media, and you get a real Starfleet Captain feel when leaning into its generous backrest. My old chair was awkward as the arm-rests were far too low for my usual typing or gaming posture so I was pleased that the adjustable rests on the Andaseat should ensure that any user can benefit from the extra support for their typing and/or gaming. Moreover, the 90 to 160 degree tilt mechanism means that you can easily switch from upright work mode to more laid back gaming or movie watching. I’m not sure that I’ll be making use of the full 160 degree sleeping mode but the option is always there.

The Andaseat Jungle Series is available here and here.

All in all the Andaseat Jungle Series Gaming Chair is a fantastic piece of kit. The step up from a basic computer chair is massive and the extra support and comfort will make my continuing working from home a far more pleasurable experience.  Top this all off with a very competitive retail price of £219.99 (with £30 off that price at time of writing) and you have a perfect solution to a very pressing problem. Now if I can just persuade my cat to let me sit on it...
  • Sturdy and strong build
  • Clear instructions
  • Relatively professional appearance
  • Wide range of adjustments to suit different size users
  • May require an extra pair of hands to build
  • Fabric protecting washers fiddly to work with
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  1. I picked up a gaming chair recently myself, mine’s a different brand but very similar design right down to the detachable cushions.

    I don’t use it while gaming but for sitting at my desk while working from home and can’t believe the difference its made to my comfort compared to my old office chair.

    I’d highly recommend it! My only regret is that it’s just a bit too heavy and awkward to move it downstairs to where the PS5 is when I want to game instead of work in my bedroom/office

    • God, yes. These things are bloody heavy. I mean, that is a good thing for the build quality but they really aren’t intended to be moved from room to room. Fortunately for me I mostly game on PC too so it is multipurpose :)

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