The Falconeer update unleashes The Kraken, modifies combat AI & more

A big update has been released for The Falconeer, unleashing a mighty Kraken into the world for you to encounter and much, much more. It’s a big content drop with missions to take on, UI improvements, an overhaul for AI and combat, and plenty more.

There’s plenty more to come, as well, with solo developer Tomas Sala committing to making more updates through 2021.

“The feedback and appreciation from fans from the beta and through release has been quite overwhelming, I’ve been energized by their affection for The Falconeer,” he said.  “The Kraken update offers more early game content, requested by the community and press, and I’m delighted to take players into the depths of The Great Ursee and open up even more of the world with exploration missions. I’ve got so many ideas I  want to implement in 2021, the roadmap is full to the brim with new and exciting content.”

The quality of life updates for this patch see the addition of more tutorials, as well as changes to the enemy AI and combat. Enemy turning speed has been tweaked, they can now roll, and there’s an off-screen indicator now as well. Manage to vanquish them and they’ll now make a bit of a splash when they slap into the water, as well as impact audio.

The content updates include:

  • New cartographers guild location : Cartohom
  • New wreckdiver company location : Batis
  • Exploration missions: Given out at Cartohom, find and discover locations in the world for splinters.
  • Wreck diving missions: Given out at Batis, be the eyes in the sky for a wreck diving operations. See the depths up close as it gives up its secrets, and sometimes more than anyone bargained for.
  • 3 new tutorial missions at Dunkle, to introduce chants and mutagens as well as some basic mechanics like fishing and jet streams.
  • Improved the store interactions, along with a confirm to purchase mechanic.
  • General GUI improvements.

There’s several outcomes for the aforementioned wreck diving missions, and yes, it’s here that you might bump into the Kraken. Here’s what you might find:

  • Come up empty or encounter dangerous sea creatures like Sarks.
  • Find sunken ships for a 300-1200 splinters reward.
  • Uncover ancient relics, vehicles and temples for up a 1600 splinter reward.
  • Encounter the mighty Kraken!
  • Encounter the deadly Mosaurs of the Ursee!

The Falconeer is out now for Xbox consoles and PC, with 4K 120fps support on the Xbox Series X.

Jason reviewed the game upon release and while he enjoyed it and the world it created, it didn’t quite catch his imagination as much as he hoped it would.

I find myself a little perplexed by The Falconeer. I still thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game, but it almost felt like I was doing so in spite of how I felt about the gameplay. I do think The Falconeer is going to find an audience that loves it wholeheartedly, but also that there will be plenty of others for whom this falls a bit flat too.

It sounds like Sala is going some way to tweak and improve upon the game’s feel. Either way, you can read our full review here.

Source: press release

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