What We Played #481 – Gears 5: Hivebusters, Among Us & Cyberpunk 2077

I swear that the What We Played before Christmas comes earlier every year. I mean, it’s always on a Friday, right? So why is it that we’re posting this edition on a Thursday? Truly we are living in unusual times…

The answer is fairly obvious, to be fair, with tomorrow being Christmas Day and us taking a little time off around the end of the year. Still, we’ve been playing plenty of video games, as per usual.

I’ve been digging into two staples of the Xbox family this week, continuing my playthrough of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, and also dipping a toe into the Gears 5: Hivebusters DLC campaign.

I’ve been playing Hivebusters with Dom, as it happens, who’s also hammering his way through and thoroughly enjoying the original campaign for Gears 5 as well. Alongside that, there’s been Tetris Effect Connected and Dirt 5, also on Series X, and Grindstone on Switch. Oh, and he’s been installing games to a brand new PC that I put together and sent up to him this week – just in time for Christmas!

Alas, Gamoc will be holding out on a Christmas miracle for tomorrow morning. He didn’t manage to find a PS5 in the last month, so he’ll likely be carrying on with his misadventures through Cyberpunk 2077.

Tuffcub is in a similar spot, with no gifts and his family being in a very different part of the country. So it’s sure to be Destiny 2 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, where he’s accidentally been living vicariously through his version of Eivor.

Joining him in “Tier Fourtress” this Christmas is Nic Bunce, who finally managed to pick up a copy of Ring Fit. Instead of saving it for The Big Day, he’s be squatting away like there’s no tomorrow! He’s also been getting in some festive Pokémon Go walks, the usual MTG Arena, andstarted playing Monster Hunter World with his little brother, smashing as many Rathians as they can find.

A younger part of the Bunce family, Drea has been playing communal games like Among Us and cards online so that she can continue to hang out with friends despite (you guessed it) being in tier four. Neither Bunce will be getting games for Christmas, Drea saying that everyone just assumes she steals them from Nic anyway.

Nick P has been playing Body of Evidence and Brawl Chess for reviews, and in his spare time has made his way through the recent Mafia remake. “It was OK, but it definitely felt ‘old,’ despite being remade.”

Steve took a step back to the 1940s with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, saying the VR blockbuster was “great but a little uneven. There are definite moments where it feels like it’s been adapted to VR and the multiplayer is a little empty.” He also broke out Wii Party and Street Fighter 2 Alpha to play with his kids. As for tomorrow? “Christmas gaming will be all about Star Wars and Mario as it has been for every Christmas since about 1992. I’ve left Odyssey unplayed and picked up Squadrons in the Epic sale.”

Bugsnax has been an odd, but calming game for Aran to relax with when coming home from work this week, to to wrap things up, Jim has “fallen down a Hitman hole”, picking up Hitman 2’s Collector’s Edition and rinsing all the content ahead of Hitman 3 in January.

Now then, what have you been playing this past week? And are there any gaming treats planned for tomorrow and the long weekend?

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  1. I went away this week for the annual Christmas break with the family in the Alps, and it’s never been this peaceful for the last couple of dozen years (as skiing is not allowed due to the virus and thousands of tourists moved elsewhere). I’ve not had time to get my Vita out yet, and I just got a present which will cover my (and my son’s) gaming needs perfectly: the C64, with 64 retro games pre-installed from back then..! So I’ll be revisiting childhood memories, playing Uridium, Paradroid, Boulder Dash and more, and I’m super excited..! (To be honest, I’m more excited about this than the PS5 currently catching dust at home, and I explained my son that for me, the C64 will always be more significant than the PS5 will ever manage to become…)

  2. Done my usual trick of picking up last years FIFA for 99p on eBay, but mainly been replaying Lego City Undercover with my son, trying to 100% it.

  3. Got plat number 15 for Jedi Fallen Knight. Otherwise nothing else, but deleting the above freed up space to install NHL 20 – I’ve not played an NHL game since 02 on the PS2 so looking forward to giving that a go this coming week…

  4. Some more of the usual recent things, with plenty of Vigor, which is turning into quite a fun little free game once you get the hang of it and don’t always try and run for the drop zone and start using some tactics. Preferably in a team. Let everyone else fight it out first while scavenging stuff in a safe area, then move the drop zone, grab the stuff and run is quite fun.

    And the January sale, which started 3 days before christmas, and a refund for a postponed then delayed Nick Cave gig means I’ve now got a couple more things to do.

    Doom Eternal is just the sort of silly, messy chaos I want right now. And Hunt: Showdown is kind of terrifying. Partly due to slithery things with tentacles in the rivers, and partly due to the somewhat brutal penalty for dying.

    And now I’m on to the christmas tradition of waiting hours for things to install and update. FF7 Remake and Last of Us 2. So far it’s nearly finished installing the first disc of FF7 after 40 minutes.

  5. I’ve splurged on the Steam sales again, but since my pc is old and creaky I’ve gone back and played Portal again, now half way through Portal 2. Christmas Day was a blast this year, my two girls are 5 and went absolutely mental, then crashed in front of Zog just as the turkey was slowing us down.

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