Respawn release a brand new Apex Legends story video that delves even deeper into the game’s lore

Apex Legends has been a categorical success for Respawn, so much so that the game is now enjoying its seventh season, and gamers around the world hang on the steady drip-feed of information as they build up the world and the characters. The latest story video that they’ve dropped as a seasonal treat – entitled Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night – focusses on Pathfinder, and sees him learning about his mysterious creator and why the Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity (MRVN) designated scout zips around the Apex Games.

In this action-packed, fantastically animated, neo-noir trailer, the robotic Pathfinder is joined by ex-officer turned security guard Victor Maldera to take on Malta City’s elite task force, and take down Alexander Nox, also known as Caustic.

Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension brought the Apex Games to the floating city of Olympus, an entirely new planet filled with lush artificial terrain, slick highways, upscale shopping centres, industrial docks and lavish estates, bringing Apex Legend’s map total to three, sitting alongside World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. Characters like Octane and Lifeline have connections to the city, as well as Loba and Revenant, with the Reverie Lounge restaurant where Loba’s parents were murdered featured atop a skyscraper by Bonsai Plaza.

Alongside that, the new season also brought the world of Titanfall into play some more, with the arrival of a new vehicle, though it’s sadly not a giant mech. Enter the Trident Hovercar.

The name tells you everything you need to know about this vehicle. A trident is a three-pronged spear, alluding to the three seats of the Trident, allowing for one driver and two passengers on either side of the vehicle’s body. but where a spear is a deadly weapon, the Trident is more passive and has been tuned by Respawn to fill a very particular role.

They describe is as a “rotation tool”, giving players more and better ways to quickly get around the map and pick a different path through to the next ring, defusing some of the pressures of dropping to the edges of a map at the start of a game. That is its one and only purpose. You can’t use it as an offensive battering ram, as it will simply float over anyone you try to run down, and while you can fire from the side of the vehicle, it also makes you and your squad a bigger target.

While you can still try to snipe out the driver, any bullets hitting the Trident itself sees the damage distributed evenly between its passengers. In other words, you can blast away at it and still feel like you’re doing good damage to its occupants, as I found when stranded on my own while a Trident team floated around nearby. There’s the animation time needed to get in and out, making the use of a Trident something you really need to consider and not really a way to gang rush a location.

It’s a vehicle that comes with an awful lot of caveats, but there are still advantages to it. You can prop Rampart’s turret on top of it, Gibraltar’s shield dome, and even Caustic’s gas traps (basically just for the memes, per Respawn), giving you some additional offensive and defensive options. Respawn have clearly been very cautious in their approach to adding vehicles, seeing how big an impact they can have on the pace, flow and meta of other battle royale games. Oh, and you can only find the Trident on the new map.

Players can jump into Apex Legends today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S,  or PC via EA Play or Steam, and battle it out with friends across all available platforms through cross-play.

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