What We Played #482 Gears 5, Golf Story & Mafia: Definitive Edition

As we wave goodbye to the trash fire that has been 2020, we can start to think about what 2021 may bring. While the beginning doesn’t look like it’ll be all that much different from what’s gone before, we can hope that as vaccines roll out around the world things begin to get back to normal. One of the things that has managed to remain constant throughout the year though has been the arrival of new games to keep us all occupied, and they’ve quite probably made all the difference to our mental health.

That’s continued through the festive period, and I finally took the time to really delve into Gears 5, finishing the main campaign, playing Hivebusters with Tef, and starting to get a grasp on the Horde mode. Besides that, I’ve begun Final Fantasy XV for about the seventh time, as I used it to give my new PC a real test. The fact it can hammer through it at 90fps with every graphical effect bumped up was all I needed really, but now I must finish it. Again. So much for those new games I have.

Gareth was first up this week, and he’s played both Space Invaders Forever and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead for review. In between those he’s played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and some more Cyberpunk 2077.

Nic B was next, and he’s been using the Christmas break to focus on finishing the games he loves, which he normally wouldn’t have as much time for. He told us  “I’ve finally finished the Monster Hunter DLC, unlocking a scary amount of endgame content. Capcom have been very generous with their support of this game!”

Meanwhile, Aran played through Mafia Definitive Edition. He said, “I quite enjoyed it. The story was good and the visuals were very nice. I’ve also started playing through Call of The Sea and it’s eerie. I’m about halfway through so may try and finish 2020 with it.”

Nick P has been playing Mafia 3, telling us, “I’ve been really enjoying it! The soundtrack is sterling and I’m loving the New Bordeaux setting.”

Steve played through Blossom Tales and Golf Story on his little Switch Lite, with both being “really charming little games”. He continued, “I got really hooked on finishing all the challenges in Golf Story. I also played some Forza Horizon 4 so that my son could access the Lego DLC which was fine (driving games and I do not mix well). I started some research on folk horror forest-based games for a book chapter I’m writing so rattled through the surprisingly good Cursed Forest on PC. Spent an afternoon pretty obsessed with Solitairica after getting it from Epic’s giveaways and finally tried out Nier emulated in preparation for the PC remaster in April.”

Finally, Tef played some Gears 5 with me and beyond that the first mission of Star Wars Squadrons in VR, where he encountered the evil “Darth PSVRDrift”, which sounds like no fun at all.

What about you, what have you been playing while staying inside?

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  1. 2020 has been indeed a trash fire.
    2020 wasn’t kind to us all and we all have lost someone and we all are missing a simple touch or a hug!
    So here is hoping that 2021 will improve (it better!)
    As for gaming for me has been great due to lockdowns and nabbing many Platinums this year more than I have done in the previous years.
    I have obtained a Platinum this week on Worms Rumble, AC: Valhalla (PS4) was hoping for instant Platinum on PS5 sadly it did not but did achieve a 69% so I’ll take it but will give Valhalla a break. 127hrs was enough for me lol
    Then finally got a Platinum on Call of Duty: Cold War earlier today. Them Dead Ops mode is just insane!

    Currently idling/grinding Skater XL while I might just start on Godfall tomorrow. Plus will look forward to Maneater next week as that looks fun!

    See you in 2021 :)

  2. A quick blast on NHL 94 rewind followed by a lot of time in Burnout Paradise Remastered since I never got round to it on the PS3 and they’ve now shut down the servers for it (boo!)

  3. Mostly things from the sales and christmas.

    Doom Eternal is lovely fast messy fun.

    TLoU2 is disappointing so far. Looks great, plays better than the first game, but the story is just shit so far.

    But I didn’t get far in it, because of the FF7 Remake. Which is also kind of disappointing. Obviously it looks and sounds great. But it’s just so full of filler to drag out the first part of the game to however long it is. And the combat really is just mash a button to kill stuff, except for some harder fights where you have to use whatever magic it says you should be using. Best bit so far was a fight against a magic shed. Oh, and the whole Wall Market section should probably have been left out, even if that would upset a big chunk of the internet. It was a bit dubious 20 odd years ago. Now it’s just extra creepy, and has an extra long dance bit.

    Some of it’s quite good fun though, and there’s certainly a nostalgia thing going on. Takes about 3 notes of certain bits of music to get my attention. But most of the time I’m just wondering when we’re going to get to the fireworks factory.

    And finally, from the PSN sale, DEEMO -Reborn-, which is a horrible abuse of capitals and hyphens. But is also a lot of fun in VR. No idea what’s going on, except a cute little girl solves some simple puzzles while the silhouette of Jack Skellington plays the piano.

  4. Besides spending time outside in the snow, I re-played some of my favorite games of all time, Uridium, Impossible Mission, and Fort Apocalypse, all on the C64 I got for Christmas. Truly excellent games…!

  5. Far Cry 5 on infamous difficulty for the last trophy and I dusted off my Vita to go back to Uncharted Golden Abyss, which I started about 5 years ago, got distracted and never got back to it until this week. Enjoying it more than I expected, it’s not as good as the core games but still fun!

  6. I got a platinum trophy! First one in about 5 years, lol. Not exactly an impressive one though. Lego City Undercover. It appears a couple of the bronze trophies regularly glitch, thus preventing platinum attainment, but luckily that wasn’t the case for me. I’ve now gone back to Lego Pirates of the Carribean in an attempt to platinum that one too.

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