Can I watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

With Netflix readily pre-installed on most modern devices and accessible on others through a few simple button presses, many have asked why the popular streaming service is not available for the Nintendo Switch.

At the time of writing, there is currently no way of accessing Netflix and its every-growing catalogue of movies and television shows on the Nintendo Switch. Without an internet browser app available for the hybrid console, you can’t access Netflix that way either.


Technically, there is a way to get Netflix on your Nintendo Switch. This is done by hopping into the system’s network options and fiddling with your DNS settings, creating a proxy that opens a web browser window. Although you can access and even sign in, this browser doesn’t support video playback so this method is completely useless.

Netflix and Nintendo Switch seem like a perfect pairing thanks to the portability of the device, allowing users to take their media on-the-go, then swap over to the big screen using the dock (base model Nintendo Switch systems only).

Netflix on Nintendo Switch – what other options are there?

Depending on your region, there are some alternative video apps available to download via the Nintendo eShop. Of course, the most popular of these is YouTube, allowing you to watch videos and livestreams as you would on most other devices. Hulu is also free to download in select territories but that’s just about it.

Netflix isn’t the only video streaming service missing from the Nintendo Switch line-up. Competitors including Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Crunchyroll are nowhere to be found alongside the various apps for country-specific television on demand services (such as the UK’s BBC iPlayer and All4).

Nintendo have yet to officially address why users can’t watch Netflix on their Switch systems. It’s possible that the Japanese gaming giant has blocked attempts by companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney to get their video streaming apps onto Nintendo’s newest console. This could be down to simple business reasons or security concerns, Nintendo having to constantly battle Switch hackers who will often probe third party apps for exploits.

Although companies would have to pay for the development and maintenance of their own video streaming apps built specifically for the Nintendo Switch, this seems like a step industry giants such as Netflix would take to get their service on as many devices as possible.

With Netflix leaving both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U later this year (details here) it’s not clear if or when Nintendo will announce the service for Nintendo Switch. With the console about to celebrate its fourth birthday, we’d have expected Netflix to be supported by now though there’s always hope that familiar red and white icon will suddenly appear on the eShop.

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