What’s next for Ghost of Tsushima?

Can we expect a sequel, DLC, or PS5 re-release?
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Even though we’re coming up to six months since Ghost of Tsushima launched, this open world ode to samurai cinema is still very much in the spotlight. Buoyed by the number of accolades it snagged during the end-of-year awards season (it was even in the running for our overall GOTY), it’s easily one of the most talked about PlayStation exclusives of the past console generation, but the dust has settled for many who have had time to complete the game since its summer release, and you might be wondering what comes next for Sucker Punch’s celebrated samurai sim?

We won’t delve into spoiler territory here. What we will say is that – like most open-world video games – Ghost of Tsushima leaves the door open for players to continue exploring and complete side content even after those final credits have rolled. There’s definitely room for a sequel too and with Ghost of Tsushima having been such a commercial success, we can definitely see it becoming another tentpole Sony series alongside Horizon, Spider-Man, and the God of War reboot.


There’s a chance we’ll see more of Jin Sakai a bit sooner, however. Sucker Punch haven’t ruled out a singleplayer expansion or DLC for Ghost of Tsushima – they followed up inFamous: Second Son with the standalone adventure inFamous: First Light, after all – and it’s not hard to imagine the developer taking us beyond the island of Tsushima on a new quest or let us slide into the shoes of a different character.

One of our only complaints about the game is how it limits players to one weapon, the katana, though we do see Norio the warrior monk wield a naginata with its own moveset and animations. If we are to return to Ghost of Tsushima, then we at least need something to spice up the core combat gameplay.

Of course, there have already been several major updates to the game including the addition of New Game+ and the surprise launch of Legends, a brilliant online co-op off-shoot. This mode is already packed with plenty of highly replayable content and there’s scope for additional stages, character classes, and loot. Whether or not Sucker Punch choose to expand Ghost of Tsushima: Legends likely depends on its active player count.

At the time of writing, 22.3% of players have unlocked the “Promising Start” trophy in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. The requirements for this bronze tier trophy is to complete one of the Story missions in Legends, not including the tutorial. In November 2020 it was reported that Ghost of Tsushima had sold more than 5 million copies. So, if the trophy data checks out then that would mean at least one million have dipped their toes in the Legends co-op multiplayer.

However, trophy stats are never completely indicative – there will be plenty who own the game but haven’t synced their trophies via PlayStation Network as well as those who aren’t connected to PSN at all (meaning they wouldn’t even have access to Legends). Some other interesting bits of intel we can glean from the trophies is that 7.7% of players have played enough of Legends to hit rank 20 in one of its four character roles, with 0.9% having completed all 3 chapters of the raid. That’s the same number of players who have completed Ghost of Tsushima in New Game+.

While not completely out of the question, chances are we won’t see a remaster of the game on PlayStation 5. While there was Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, this came a couple years after the original release in 2018 and was built on the game engine upgrades that Insomniac were already making for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Another factor is that Ghost of Tsushima is already playable on PS5 via the system’s backward compatibility, and Sucker Punch updated the game to be aware of the additional power of the new console, letting it run at an almost flawless 60fps compared to the PS4’s 30fps.

While there’s a chance that Sucker Punch could release a story expansion or additional Legends content, it’s most likely that fans will simply have to sit and wait for a sequel. Ghost of Tsushima will continue to generate buzz for some time yet, though Sony are no doubt keen to get their second wave of PS5 exclusives out the door including Destruction AllStars, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to name just a few.

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