Capcom’s Pragmata delayed until 2023

CES 2021 is currently underway, virtually of course, and during a presentation by Sony a sizzle real of PlayStation 5 games was shown including Capcom’s Pragmata. It seems the game has slipped from the original 2022 date, which was revealed last year, until some time in 2023.

Pragmata was one of the weirdest games shown during Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase back in June 2020. It’s always nice to have some super weird weirdness, and it didn’t disappoint, with a story that seems to involve a protective astronaut, a robot girl, a holographic cat, and the moon.


Pragmata is a Greek word, and means “the transcendent realities, noetic entities, real beings.” There’s definitely something otherworldly going on here, so we think sci-fi fans will be well served by this new title by Capcom, who are a dab hand at the old storytelling, and science fiction too. It looks as though it’ll be a single player narrative adventure, unless someone plays the astronaut, another the robot girl, and another a cat.

The robot girl looks as though she can control the astronaut’s load out, with the trailer showing her seemingly thinking of some kind of weaponry to help in the current, exceedingly dangerous, situation, and it being manufactured in his astronaut hip bag. It also shows what appears to be a holographic cat, with cats clearly being the a key element to the PlayStation 5 line up as we also have Stray scheduled to hit the console.

The same CES sizzle reveal also dated Square Enix’s Project Athia, another PlayStation 5 console exclusive from the team behind Final Fantasy XV, and that game is now scheduled for January 2022.

“Project Athia will take you on a thrilling other-worldly adventure – it is going to be action-packed, and at times twisted, tempestuous, and forbidding. It is a journey that we want to feel as much yours as it is our protagonists,” explained Game Director Takeshi Aramaki. “We are hard at work on making full use of the exciting potential of the PS5 hardware for this project. While today was just a sneak peek, we’ll have a lot more to show you in the future and we can’t wait to tell you more about the game.”

Source: Polygon

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