What We Played #481 – Persona 5 Strikers, Back 4 Blood & Jurassic World Aftermath

It’s been a surprisingly pleasant week, despite the fact we’re confined to our homes and there’s a pandemic on the rampage. A lot of that comes down to having video games to distract us all from it, and I’ve been making the most of it, getting into Warframe, Monster Hunter Rise, a load of Dreamcast games, Jurassic World Aftermath and playing just a little bit more Gears 5: Hivebusters with Tef. I also picked up a PS Vita Slim, and have immediately filled the memory card with my favourite Vita and PSP games. I will undoubtedly spend most of the week with Patapon 3, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Wipeout 2048, and that sounds pretty awesome to me.

Nic B has been playing Persona 5 Strikers, telling us “they’ve done an excellent job at taking something we know and love and giving it a unique, cool spin. Really enjoying it so far. I’ve also played MHW, helping my brother start Iceborne; played Rise and am looking forward to mastering the Switch Axe; and I played PoGo without driving 14 miles like some sort of muppet.”

Reuben meanwhile has been back on the FFXIV train, “what with the big reveal of the next expansion coming less than a month from now! Also been playing Scott Pilgrim, which I love to bits as I did before. Otherwise, the Back 4 Blood demo sank its teeth into me so much that I’ve gone back to Left 4 Dead 2, which I’ve been playing with friends a lot this week.”

Jim has been focused on just the one game this week, having finally picked Shadow of the Colossus back up on PS4. “It’s just as enchanting now as it was all those years ago when I stumbled upon a battered copy for PS2 with its fancy cardboard sleeve and postcards. It’s very rare that a game entices me to back and play through it again as soon as the credits have rolled but that’s exactly what I’ve done with all of Ueda’s games. I’ve just wrapped all the time trials on hard mode, now I’ve got to replay them on normal with the platinum trophy slowly coming into focus.”

Tuffcub has kept his gaming short and sweet with his week full of Destiny 2 and Netflix. Of course, those two things will provide enough entertainment for longer than human’s are capable of comprehending so maybe it’s not that short, or sweet.

Jason has been playing Rocket League, which is (not) surprising. He tolds us, “I’ve also jumped into Escape From Tarkov, which is incredibly good, far too intense, and the menu music is great. Other than that, I’ve been playing a couple of games for reviews I can’t talk about.” Gareth meanwhile has played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla “which is still a very mixed bag after more than 30 hours” as well as Vigor for review.

Aran has played more Assassin’s Creed Vikings and finished No Straight Roads, saying “the music was very good in NSR and it is still in my head now. In AC: Vikings I now have two alliances so yay. In other Viking news I finished the Vikings TV show.”

Nick P has been playing Rhythm Fighters for review and Empire of Sin for funsies. “So far, I’m enjoying it, despite it being very buggy. Slowly expanding my casino empire has been great, taking out rival bosses and making deals.”

Ade has also been on with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla this week, saying “Good grief it’s an absolute beast of a game – twenty hours in and I’ve barely scratched the surface! I reckon I might, just might, finish it by the end of the year. Maybe.”

Meanwhile, Miguel started Outer Wilds and has been loving it. “On top of that, I’ve played some Monster Hunter GU, a bit of the Monster Hunter Rise demo, and some Apex Legends.”

Steve has moved on to Drakengard 2 in his continuing quest to catch up on the Nier Cinematic Universe, saying ” I really should write these up for a feature… I have also played a preview build of the excellent Little Nightmares II and can’t wait to get my hands on the whole thing next month. And I played through the lovely little Zelda alike Ocean’s Heart for review and the ‘more FF than FF’ Edge of Eternity for preview. Still haven’t found time to try out the Rise demo so may try and get on that this weekend.”

And finally, as well as accompanying me online, Tef has largely been playing more of the quite excellent Hades, and has also been trying to get an old Daydream VR headset to accept a video signal from SteamVR in order to give it another lease of life. He’s not quite got it working just yet, but he’s not far off… probably.

What about you, what have you played?

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  1. I bagged the Uncharted Golden Abyss platinum this afternoon! Still working on the Far Cry 5 infamous run through, pondering what to play afterwards – it’s an agony of choice, not a lack of choice!

  2. Fell ill on Monday but slowly recovering today. Been watching Marvel Films on Disney with Skater XL running in the background. 500hrs in and still no Around The World Trophy! Bloody joke!
    Have started Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS5 so will continue to play that with Skater running.

  3. Finished FF7 Remake. Unlike the original, I can’t be arsed doing all the extra stuff. It’s still a good game, but the ending was disappointing. The bosses should get even harder as the game goes on, and the final boss should at least be some sort of challenge. The bits they’ve changed leading up to the end are just an insult to fans of the original though. We wanted a remake of the game, not something “inspired by” (I believe that’s the phrase for “we’ve got the rights to something but we want to do something else while still getting all the money”) the first half a dozen hours and then do our own thing.

    And then onto The Last of Us 2. Which I’m still not convinced by. Improved gameplay, still looks great, but lacking everything that elevated the first game above it’s adequate gameplay, like the story and characters. The best bits are the flashbacks to when Ellie wasn’t a whiney little dog stabber. (Yes, I could have done without dogs popping up all the time to be horrible stabbed to death).

    Apart from that, a bit of Surviving Mars from PS Now. Did not end well for my colonists who suffocated horribly.

    And more Hunt: Showdown. Which I’m sure was trolling me by giving me enough XP to get a hunter up to level 48. Just 2 levels away from the maximum. Inevitably she died while just doing a quick attempt to get her up to 50. I think every possible type of enemy was running after me when she died. While I was poisoned. And bleeding. And quite probably on fire. It was hard to tell in the chaos. Very annoying at the time. Kind of funny 24 hours later.

    • Loved Hunt: Showdown and I can understand about losing the high rank characters. It is a pain! But you will get there because the game itself is bloody good fun!

      • It’s not a huge loss, because you still make progress on the hunter rank. It’s just if you want the trophy for having 5 level 50s, you can’t retire them earlier. I guess once that’s out of the way, I won’t be taking the risk if they’ve got to level 48.

        But yeah, it’s bloody good fun. If somewhat stressful at times. Especially if you’ve just somehow survived the terrifying spider boss and the only thing between you and victory is the narrow and invisible path you’ve got to navigate to avoid setting off a hive on one side and a pack of dogs on the other. With other hunters closing in fast behind you.

        It’s all just the right balance between risk and reward and not being punished too much for failure. Great when you win, kind of hilarious when it all rapidly goes wrong and you lose. But the spider boss can fuck right off.

      • You can kill the Spider boss in one go.
        Use the sticky dynamite and land it on the Spider and get out!
        Boom job done! Using guns will grab hunters attention. A single boom they will miss out a chance of where that came from! Until of course you start banishing then the position has been given away. Time to defend!

      • Exploding spiders? I can’t see any way that could possibly go wrong.

        I’ve found that while you’re doing the banishing, you don’t often have a problem with the other hunters. You’ll have come across them before that point, or at least have a vague idea of where they are from the gunshots.

        What does happen more often is you get a group of hunters banishing the other boss if there’s 2 bosses. Carrying the bounty marks your position on the map and that just adds to the stress. Trying to banish the boss while hunters are clearly coming in your direction. Hoping someone hasn’t put a trap at the exits from whichever building you’re in. Trying to judge how easy your escape will be.

        The whole game is a perfect example of just taking a simple concept and doing it right. Part of me wishes more people knew about it. And part of me wishes that wasn’t the case, because less hunters makes for any easier time. And I’m not convinced more players would improve the matchmaking time, which seems quite long. But then that’s some time for a chat with your teammates, I guess.

  4. I finished Resident Evil HD this week, an excellent game. Of course, visuals and controls are slightly dated, but story-wise and with respect to atmosphere, it easily beats most modern games.

    Quite logically, I started playing Resident Evil 2, which had been in my backlog for a while. Wow..! Great setting, cool characters, brilliant scares…! It’s so good if you start to panic because zombies are suddenly all around you… 😂
    I just found the third medallion, and I wonder whether I should continue to the next area or clean up puzzles in the police station first (I’ve not got all keys yet, didn’t find the jack for the library riddle, couldn’t open several safes or weapon lockers, etc.). Hmmm…

    • The clues are everywhere!!!! I LOVED Resident Evil. RE2 is my fave!

  5. I’ve been playing some Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 Pro and while i’m enjoying the main story and characters, as well as the braindance detective work and the competent weapon combat, the game crashes every few hours which is hugely annoying – although thanks to autosave you never really lose too much progress. Plenty of bugs encountered too, floating npcs, weapons inaccessible on one occasion, unable to cycle through dialogue options on several occasions, bugged side-missions etc. The city feels quite empty and samey despite the condensed structure, vehicles are at their best when they get you to a fast travel location quicker and the games visuals vary from decent to disappointing. I thought if i had another new game to distract me i could postpone the rest of Cyberpunk until the future patches..

    ..so in the Jan sale i picked up “Metro – Lamp Extinguisher”. (also known as Last Exodus) From the various reviews on the web I was expecting a much improved experience over the previous games but apart from looking a bit nicer it doesn’t feel like an improvement so far, npcs constantly talking over each other, random parts of the ground where the player gets stuck for no apparent reason, i died in the first minute of gameplay when a lurking beast pounced in a QTE and i mashed the Square button instead of holding it – it was difficult to really tell which was required. Then when i respawned i crept forward waiting for the QTE beast to pounce again and it didn’t – because it was now apparently dead on the ground. So was it a draw? Exploring every inch as i usually do with FPS games, there seems to be scant lootables or indeed any incentive to explore off the beaten path. Of course i’m quite early on in the game and i believe there are more open sections ahead but i just died again an hour into the game for no apparent reason so i’m not that confident of getting there haha. There’s also precious little to interact with but if you like switching on and off lightbulbs, table lamps, candles etc, oh boy is this the game for you!

    Also Little Nightmares 2 demo. I got frustrated with it and quit before completing it, platforming in a 3D environment from a fixed viewpoint can be tricky.

    • Metro Exodus has a couple of big open world areas later on. Do not die while on those levels, because the loading times will drive you mad. If you do die, I’d suggest you use the time it takes to load to make a nice cup of coffee (you’ve got time to nip down to the shops to get some if you need to), pop to the bathroom (plenty of time for any type of bathroom activities), or quickly start and finish that 500 page novel you haven’t got around to reading yet. Or all of the above.

      Or you could manage to find somewhere selling PS5s, get one delivered, wait for the PS5 update they said was coming, download that, and the PS4 version would probably still be loading.

      • Oh goodie, i have much to look forward to! xD

    • Well, that depends. Do you appreciate having time to go for some coffee or a big shit?

      It’s a decent enough game, just a shame about those loading times. Just think of them as an opportunity to do something else, or a fun reminder of how it was in the 80s.

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