Monstrum 2 will come to Steam Early Access later this month, open beta next weekend

Junkfish has announced an early access release date for its survival horror sequel Monstrum 2, with the game set to come to Steam on January 28th. An open beta will be taking place on January 23rd and 24th. In Monstrum 2, up to four players will need to work together to escape the confines of Sparrow Lock. The area is not exactly easy to escape from as it is a research facility out at sea, and the research subjects are not a friendly bunch. Together, players will need to get past obstacles and solve puzzles while avoiding the monsters that prowl the corridors.


Or, you can play as a monster and do the hunting. The early access launch will allow players to control one of three monsters, each with different abilities to track and attack the island’s prisoners. The monster in the trailer is called Malacosm which has the abilities to set traps that allow it to teleport across maps, and use clairvoyance to see what the prisoners are seeing to get a clue as to where they may be. With maps being procedurally generated neither side will be able to memorise layouts each game.

Monstrum 2 was announced in 2019 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. At the time of the reveal Adam Dart, Creative Director at Junkfish, said:

“We were thrilled fans from all over enjoyed the first game, and we’re extremely excited to delve further into Monstrum to give them more of what they enjoy. While the first title was a single player experience, Monstrum II will focus on a horror experience you can enjoy with others.”

The original game, set on a ship named the Hisa Maru, was released in 2015 and became a favourite with streamers as it had plenty of jump scares. The first game featured three creatures; The Brute is a fiery bipedal monster that has loud, stomping footsteps and that can run very fast, The Hunter is a slender creature that hunts the player but slipping  through the ship’s ventilation system, and The Fiend is a purple demon that can lock doors with it’s mind and paralyse the player.

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