Tales From The Borderlands is heading to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Telltale Games have been rather quiet since they were reformed from the ashes of the original company, we’ve had a teaser for The Wolf Among Us 2 and some tweaked versions of older games and that appears to be what their next release will be as well, as Tales From The Borderlands has been rated for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The rating popped up on the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) website and has listed both for December 20th 2020, a date that was clearly missed.


Tales From The Borderlands Redux was leaked ten months ago with new content but has never been released, perhaps the  PS and Xbox X|S listing refer to that. It is rumoured that the game will include a brand new epilogue chapter, a directors commentary, new achievements and a ‘museum’.

The Wolf Among Us 2 and any future Telltale V2 games will  be developed in a different manner to previous games.

“From a development perspective, we’re doing things pretty differently. We are using a new engine, and building a new tool and pipeline. We are creating a hub and spoke production model that will see teams all over the world contributing to the game,” explained Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie to gameDaily.Biz in December 2019. “For the players, well – you will have to wait and see, but we have some pretty interesting thoughts on gameplay and interaction. The [new Wolf Among Us] game will look like a Telltale game, but there will also be some innovation here.”

“We are creating the stories episodically, but how they will be released is still to be determined. I think the important distinction here is that we will no longer be developing episodically. If we do release the game in episodes, all of them will be ready before the first one hits the store,” he added.

Source:  PEGI via Gematsu

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