UK retailers are releasing new PS5 stock but you have to be quick

UPDATE #2: GAME continue to trickle out consoles, they seem to be your best bet, go go go! However, Currys PC World has now gone completely offline.

UPDATE: GAME seem to releasing new stock throughout the day. They have over 70 different bundles, my top tip: Go for a bundle with crap no one wants. I managed to get a PS5 plus a t-shirt and hat and some other junk straight away, no queue system, nothing.


Stock of the in demand PlayStation 5 has arrived in the UK but you’re going to have to be quick to find it. Curry’s and GAME had some consoles this morning but they soon sold out, with over 10,000 people waiting in the digital queue at Currys to try and buy the console. For some reason Currys released the consoles in waves with the price increasing at various points as they released different bundles.

However, things seem to have gone wrong again at Currys, with reports that orders are being cancelled. However, some of these seem to be orders placed by scalper bots, so they may have some stock back in later today.

If you still fancy your chances then here are the links to the pages for the consoles at Currys.

Rumours – and let’s be clear, just rumours – suggest that should be releasing some stock very soon today, 20th January. Smyths will not have any of the disc based consoles until February but they may have some digital consoles for sale at 9pm tonight. ShopTo released some consoles at 10pm last night and their website crashed immediately. GAME also released some console yesterday and it is rumoured they may have some more today, keep an eye on their website. 

Argos have stated that they have no stock, and they don’t know when they will be getting any. have been releasing a very limited amount of consoles in spurts, you could try there as well. If we hear of anymore stock coming in we will let you know. You can find a list of all the major retailers selling the console and links to the pages here. 

Scalpers have been quick to respond to the PS5 shortage, taking to online marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree, Depop, and Facebook to peddle their PlayStation at a premium price.

For those unaware, “scalping” is when people get hold of rare items (usually via pre-order) then sell them at launch for profit, hoping that there will be a shortage. We’ve seen this happen countless times in the world of gaming when it comes to consoles, and video game special editions.

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