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Replayability is a key part of the Hitman 3 experience. The moment you take control of Agent 47 in this final, thrilling chapter of the Hitman reboot saga you enter a huge sandbox begging to be explored.

Once you’ve killed your assigned targets, completed all objectives, and successfully escaped, you’ll likely feel compelled to run the mission again, developer IO Interactive helping to incentivise this with Hitman’s Mastery system.

It’s basically an in-game achievement system tagged with dozens and dozens of challenges. These can vary from certain kill conditions to finding special items or locations, showering you with experience points which are then funnelled into your Mastery rank for each location.

Not only is it a fun way of tracking what you’ve done in each level, the Mastery system all grants access to new loadout options the more you rank up. They’re definitely worth pursuing too, unlocking new starting locations as well as hidden stashes for illegal items, bonus tools, weapons, and outfits.

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Below we’ve listed all of the available Hitman 3 Mastery rewards and the rank required to unlock them. There’s a fair bit of overlap here between the reward lists for Hitman and Hitman 2 though you’ll want to max out every location if you’re hungry for the full ICA arsenal.

Hitman 3 Dubai Mastery unlocks

Unlock Mastery Rank Type
Burj Al-Ghazali Snowglobe 2 Melee Weapon
Atrium Lobby 2 Starting Location
Kitchen 3 Hidden Stash
Meeting Room 4 Starting Location
Emetic Posion Vial 5 Poison
Penthouse Supply Room 6 Agency Pickup
Art Installation 7 Starting Location
ICA Briefcase MK III 7 Container
Atrium Toilet 8 Hidden Stash
Maintenance Room 9 Agency Pickup
Explosive Golf Ball 10 Explosive
Guard Room 11 Starting Location
Laundry Room 12 Hidden Stash
Ornate Scimitar 13 Melee Weapon
Art Backstage Balcony 14 Agency Pickup
Druzhina 34 DTI 15 Sniper Rifle
Penthouse Ventilation Area 17 Agency Pickup
Penthouse 19 Starting Location
Ashen Suit with Gloves 20 Outfit
ICA Proximity Explosive MK III 20 Explosive

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Mastery unlocks

Unlock Mastery Rank Type
Deliveries 2 Hidden Stash
Lockpick MK III 2 Tool
Bathroom 3 Agency Pickup
Garden 4 Starting Location
Greenhouse 5 Hidden Stash
ICA19 Shortballer 5 Pistol
Staff Room 6 Starting Location
Changing Room 7 Agency Pickup
Sedative Poison Vial 7 Poison
Behind Mansion 8 Starting Location
Graveyard 9 Agency Pickup
ICA Remote Audio Distraction MK III 10 Distraction
Library 11 Starting Location
Library 12 Hidden Stash
Kukri Knife 13 Melee Weapon
Hallway 14 Agency Pickup
Proximity Explosive Duck 15 Explosive
Zachary’s Bedroom 16 Starting Location
Laundry Room 17 Hidden Stash
Main Road 18 Starting Location
Walking Cane 18 Melee Weapon
Behind Mansion 19 Starting Location
Classic Cut Long Coat Suit with Gloves 20 Outfit
Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle 20 Sniper Rifle

Hitman 3 Berlin Mastery unlocks

Unlock Mastery Rank Type
Entrance Staff Room 2 Agency Pickup
ICA Remote Micro Taser 2 Tool
Club Entrance 3 Starting Location
Projection Bar 4 Hidden Stash
ICA Remote Explosive MK III 5 Explosive
Projection Bar 6 Starting Location
Basement Toilet 7 Hidden Stash
Custom 5mm DTI 7 Pistol
Radio Tower 8 Starting Location
Biker Garage 9 Hidden Stash
Lethal Poison Vial 10 Poison
Chill Out 11 Starting Location
Chill-Out Staff Trailer 12 Agency Pickup
Flash Grenade MK III 13 Explosive
Skylight Access 14 Agency Pickup
Lethal Syringe MK III 15 Poison
DJ Booth 16 Starting Location
Overpass 17 Agency Pickup
Biker Hangout 18 Starting Location
Basement Boiler Room 19 Agency Pickup
Number Six with Gloves 20 Outfit
Remote Explosive Devil Rubber Duck 20 Explosive
Classic Cut Long Coat Suit with Gloves 20 Outfit

Hitman 3 Chongqing Mastery unlocks

Unlock Mastery Rank Type
Facility Server Supply Room 2 Hidden Stash
Electronic Key Hacker MK III 2 Tool
Restaurant Back Stairwell 3 Hidden Stash
River-side Walkway 4 Starting Location
ICA Pen Syringe Emetic 5 Poison
Corridor 6 Agency Pickup
Restaurant Kitchen 7 Starting Location
ICA Proximity Concussion Device MK III 7 Explosive
Facility Maintenance Tunnel 8 Agency Pickup
Facility Rooftop 9 Starting Location
Facility Rooftop 10 Hidden Stash
ICA Tactical Shotgun 10 Shotgun
Arcade 11 Agency Pickup
Side Alley 12 Agency Pickup
The Block 13 Starting Location
Facility Ventilation Room 14 Hidden Stash
ICA SMG Raptor Covert 15 SMG
Balcony 16 Starting Location
The Laundry 17 Hidden Stash
Apartment 18 Agency Pickup
Facility Locker Room 19 Starting Location
Neon City Suit with Gloves 20 Outfit
Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Covert 20 Sniper Rifle

Hitman 3 Mendoza Mastery unlocks

Unlock Mastery Rank Type
Parking Lot 2 Starting Location
ICA DTI Stealth 2 Pistol
Boathouse 3 Hidden Stash
Vineyard 4 Starting Location
Kalmer 2 Tranquilizer 5 Pistol
Workers’ Bathroom 6 Hidden Stash
Tasting 7 Starting Location
ICA Combat Axe 7 Melee Weapon
Barrel Room 8 Agency Pickup
Shrine 9 Starting Location
Cinema 10 Hidden Stash
Krugermeier 2-2 Silver 10 Pistol
Shrine 11 Hidden Stash
Steel Tanks 12 Agency Pickup
Sniper Spot 13 Starting Location
Villa Attic 14 Agency Pickup
DAK Black Covert 15 SMG
Grapefield Shed 16 Agency Pickup
Dining Area 17 Starting Location
Villa Basement 18 Hidden Stash
Dance Floor 19 Hidden Stash
Black & White Tuxedo Set 20 Outfit
Sieger 300 Viper 20 Sniper Rifle

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Mastery unlocks

Unlock Mastery Rank Type
Laboratory 2 Starting Location
HWK21 Pale Homemade Silencer 2 Pistol
Outdoors 3 Starting Location
Proximity Semtex Demo Block MK III 4 Explosive
ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert 5 Shotgun

In our review of Hitman 3 we scored Agent 47’s final act an impressive 8 out of 10, praising IO’s superb approach to level design alongside clever gameplay refinements.

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