I Saw Black Clouds is the next interactive thriller from Wales Interactive

Wales Interactive has announced its next interactive thriller and it is called I Saw Black Clouds. I Saw Black Clouds is a psychological and supernatural thriller that has come about from a partnership between Wales Interactive and Ghost Dog Films. The title has been confirmed for PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release coming at a later date, though with backwards compatibility you can still play the the PS4 and Xbox One versions on the new consoles.


The story of I Saw Black Clouds follows Kristina, played by Nicole O’Neill who has been in Penny Dreadful and Red Sparrow, as she returns home to learn the truth of her friend’s death. Each choice made will lead to different outcomes as the title features a branching storyline, much like Wales Interactive’s other interactive movies. Krisitina’s personality is tracked through each choice with her honesty, strength, morality, tact and introspection all being tracked throughout. Features include:

  • Real-time Relationship Status Tracking that influences the story as you play.
  • Real-time Personality Trait Tracking that evolves based on your choices.
  • Unlockable features include a Skip Scene and Personality Assessment feature.
  • Featuring a Streamer Mode that pauses the choices for audience participation during live streams.

The last title from Wales Interactive was Maid of Sker, and in our review Steve wrote:

Maid of Sker is a great addition to the survival horror genre and offers a wonderfully intimate and local threat that takes its influences from Welsh folktales. Eschewing the combat and weaponry of many entries into the genre, its gameplay loop of sneaking and hiding proves compelling and successfully manages to keep you feeling in danger at all times. When you add in some excellent sound design and atmosphere you have a Victorian horror that deserves a rousing reception. There may not be a welcome in these valleys but this is one vacation that genre fans should have no reservations about taking.
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