Something for the Weekend – 23/01/21

January and 2021 are starting to pick up a little momentum, with the release of Hitman 3, details on Resident Evil Village and more. With another frigid weekend, it’s also another perfect reason (as if you needed one) to stay in side and play more games!

But first, our quick round up of the weekly goings on at TSA and around the games industry.

In the News This Week

Games in Review

The first big release of the year is here, so how does IO Interactive’s trilogy-ending game Hitman 3 shape up? And what else is worth playing from our review slate?

And we had a single bit of gaming kit on the review bench as well:

Final VR3000 Gaming Earphones – 8/10

Featured Articles

With Resident Evil Village’s stream, we had Reubenrank every Resident Evil spinoff game from worst to best, and thenrank every main Resident Evil  game from worst to bestas well.

I dove into Ride 4 on PlayStation 5, taking in the leap forward in terms of resolution and performance on the new generation of consoles, as well as analysing the multi-faceted, but rather subtle adaptive trigger and haptic feedback usage.

Miguel ventured into Everspace 2 in Early Access, calling it “the loot ‘n shoot space game you need in your life,” while Steve described Edge of Eternity as “the closest thing to a new Final Fantasy you’ll play this year.”

And with the lockdown still in full force, Dom took a look at how to stay fit in lockdown with Oculus Quest and VR gaming.

What We Played rounded things out, as usual, with Hitman 3, Warframe and Persona 5 Strikers.

Trailer Park

Resident Evil Village is out this May, here’s the announcement trailer

Apex Legends Season 8 – Mayhem introduces Fuse on 2nd February

Squirrel surveillance game Nuts launches on PC and Switch next month

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One FAQ reveals game length, cases and more about the open world detective game

Your Achievements

Here’s what you in our community has been up to this week:

  • MrYd has had a packed weekend, with more Star Wars Squadrons and Hunt: Showdown sprinkled alongside finishing off The Last of Us Part II, and sneaking his way through Hitman 3 (and in PSVR!).
  • Watchful only had some time for a few short sessions in Destiny 2.
  • Having bought it months ago, willbuchanan played some Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney trilogy, and moved on to Far Cry New Dawn after finishing 5. He’s also dusted off Everybody’s Golf on Vita and is eyeing up what games he can play to go from 96 platinum trophies to 100. Any suggestions?
  • Recovering from a bout of flu, Crazy_Del opened up AC Valhalla on PS5 and snagged a second platinum trophy to go with his PS4 one, then blitzed Maneater on PS4 for another twofer platinum, and started the Mafia Trilogy. Flu didn’t slow him down much, did it?
  • TSBonyman has enjoyed Yoku’s Island Express and Unravel 2 after snapping them up in the sale.
  • And Andrewww has been working his way through Resident Evil 2 as Leon, and is already looking forward to replaying it with Claire.

And with all of that caught up on, I’ll let you crack on with your weekends! Have fun at home, stay safe if and when you’re not, and we’ll see you next week.

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