Hitman 3 Guide – best loadout options

Master Agent 47's best weapons and gear.

What makes the best in Hitman 3 loadout ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve in a mission. Certain challenges will be much easier to complete if you bring the correct tools for the job with some gear/weapon combos being ideal for speed runs or attempting to clear a mission with a Silent Assassin ranking.

It’s worth noting that there are some items that can only be accessed by adding them to your inventory during the planning phase of a mission. Many of these are weapons or pieces of gear are awarded to players for achieving a certain Mastery Rank in a location. It goes without saying that some of the Hitman trilogy’s best loadout options require some Mastery grinding.


We’ve listed our go-to loadout options for playing Hitman 3, what they do, and where to unlock them.

Hitman 3 – best loadout options


Available straight off the bat and essential for your first run of a new location. Eliminates the time spent searching a map for keys or stealing them from unconscious guards. Using a lockpick is an illegal action so make sure no one’s looking during the act.

Silenced Pistol

Where to unlock: Paris, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, Mumbai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Mendoza, Carpathian Mountains

Next to Agent 47’s Fiber Wire, the Silverballer silenced pistol is another series icon. In the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy there are plenty of alternatives available and you’ll want to unlock as soon as possible, preferably with the Steady Aim perk for improved accuracy.

Remote Explosive

Where to unlock: Paris, Marrakesh, Colorado, Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Berlin

There are several different flavours of explosive found throughout each level in the Hitman trilogy though remote explosives are the most reliable. Unlike environmental explosives such as canisters, you don’t need to shoot them, only activate them with a trigger when a target is in range. Most explosive devices will cause alarm if they are spotted so hide them carefully, or use an alternate gadget such as the unsuspecting ICA Explosive Phone found in Bangkok. You can also get your hands on an RFID Triggered Explosive in Santa Fortuna. This will only explode when a tagged individual comes within range.

Remote Taser

Where to unlock: Miami, Santa Fortuna

Extremely useful, though only in very specific circumstances. Can be used as a convenient way of knocking out guards from a distance but is primarily used for quick electrocution kills – all you need to do is toss it into a pool of water where your target is standing. There are proximity taser devices also available.

Silent Sniper Rifle

Where to unlock: Colorado, Hokkaido, Isle of Sgail, Haven Island, Chongqing

The Hitman trilogy offers a wide arsenal of sniper rifles but to achieve the best results you’ll likely warm towards those which have an attached suppressor. This may reduce the rifle’s overall range but is essential for staying undetected. There are a handful of suppressed snipers up for grabs though the Hackl Leviathan is easily the best. Unlocked by hitting Mastery Rank 20 in Chongqing, it has five perks including bullet piercing, being able to slow time, a variable scope, and subsonic noise reduction.

Emetic Poison

There are three types of poison found in Hitman 3 and previous games, though emetic poison is our favourite. This allows you to manipulate the behaviour of any character, forcing them to locate the nearest bathroom or an isolated space for them to vomit. Ideal for singling out targets, disrupting guard patrols, or removing bodyguards. Poisoning a target will require patience, either tampering with food/drink or administering it via syringe. Unless you happen to have one of the following items in your loadout…

Sieker 1

Where to unlock: Haven Island

If you want the best Hitman 3 loadout then you’ll need to book a trip to Haven Island. This idyllic resort one of the two DLC locations for Hitman 2 and aside from being a fantastic level, it comes tagged with some brilliant Mastery unlocks. The first of these is the Sieker 1, a pistol that can fire emetic poison darts. You only have a couple of shots though this is the easiest way of poisoning a target discreetly at range. Note that pistols can even be used while scaling ledges, making the Sieker 1 even more versatile.

Remote Emetic Gas Device

Where to unlock: Haven Island

With this device you can poison multiple targets at once which can be extremely useful. Detonated from afar using a trigger device, it will emit a cloud of gas, causing the same effect as your normal emetic poison. However, using this device will require practice. Not only will you need to learn its area of effect, you’ll have to be smart when placing it as the gadget will draw attention from guards and other NPCs.

Key Hacker

Where to unlock: Colorado, Mumbai, Isle of Sgail, Chongqing

Certain locations (such as Hokkaido) will feature doors that have electronic locks. A key hacker, EMP device, or disposable scrambler can make short work of these without having to hunt around for the correct key cards or security clearance.

Titanium Crowbar

Where to unlock: Whittleton Creek

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Loading into a mission with a crowbar already in-hand can save you time searching for one. However, in levels where you already know the layout and item placements well, choose a different tool or weapon for this loadout slot.

Kalmer 2

Where to unlock: Mendoza

Another fairly straightforward additional to Agent 47’s arsenal. A tranquiliser pistol that can put a target to sleep at medium range.

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