Star Wars Battlefront 2 claimed more than 19 million times on Epic Store

We get it, everyone likes free stuff. Especially when that happens to be a complimentary copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 with no strings attached (and the Celebration Edition, no less!).

Still, no one could have predicted just how many would jump on Epic’s Battlefront 2 giveaway. According to the game’s publisher EA, more than 19 million claimed a free copy between January 14th and January 21st.

It’s a landmark feat to say the least. A month after the game’s launch back in November 2017, EA reported that the sequel had sold 9 million copies, falling short of their 10 million forecast.

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Epic’s seven day giveaway offered a free copy of the game to anyone via the Epic Games Store. Although 19 million is a lot of copies, we don’t have exact figures to indicate Star Wars Battlefront 2’s online player count and how that has been effected. That said, the influx of new players forced EA and DICE to take the game down for maintenance as they fought to increase server capacity.

Last year, Star Wars Battlefront 2 saw a major content drop with its Scarif update in April. This followed the previous Age of Rebellion update as well as cosmetic DLC for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Scarif was confirmed to be the game’s final expansion. EA and DICE will continue to support the sequel through regular community events though fans shouldn’t expect to see any new maps, modes, or playable characters added.

In other Star Wars gaming news, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment (The Division) are working on Star Wars game after EA gave up exclusive rights to the license. Meanwhile, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order finally got a technical upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. We also received word of a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic sequel, too.

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