Tipster suggests Death Stranding PS5 edition on the way with new content, The Last Of Us 2 PS5 patch as well

There appear to be many leaky ships on the seas of videogaming these days with people releasing information all over the shop. The latest comes from the ResetEra forums where the user Navtra has suggested that an enhanced version of Death Stranding will be heading to PlayStation 5.

“If you’re interested in Death Stranding but haven’t played it yet, it might be worth it to wait a lil bit”, Navtra said. They then went on to suggest the game will have new story content although I doubt it would be substantial, Kojima’s story is intricately woven it would very hard to slot in anything new so it may just be some extra side missions that do not affect the main story.

They also suggested that this may be paid content, even if if you already own the PS4 version. I’d take that with a pinch of salt, we’ve seen how badly gamers react to paid upgrades, only Call of Duty has got away with it so far. They have also said a patch for The Last Of Us 2 was in the works for PlayStation 5, that seems a given especially as Naughty Dog are still working on the multiplayer side of the game which will no doubt ship with a PS5 version from day one.

Navtra has had previous form correctly predicting exclusivity deals and event reveals so has some form, but please treat these revelations as rumours for now. However, last year Hideo Kojima has tweeted that he is hard at work on what we presumed was his next game and included a couple of pictures as a tease. Here’s the first one in which he describes what he is listening too.

The interesting part here is the sketch of the of a vehicle, the posters over at ResetEra have noticed if you zoom in closely and flip the image you can read the text, ‘Bridges’.

Those who have played Death Stranding will know bridges, both real and metaphorical, are core to the story of the game. They will also know there are no flying vehicles in the the world of Death Stranding as the goopy whalesquids have stopped all air transport but this image is labelled “Landing ship”. There is a ship the game, a conventional water based one, but looks nothing like the image above. Kojima also tweeted a second image which includes a BB out of his protective casing, so perhaps these were teases for the PlayStation 5 version of the game rather than a sequel.

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Source: ResetEra va Wccftech

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