Haven is coming to Switch and PS4 next week

The Game Bakers have announced that Haven will be gliding onto PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and into the Epic Games Store next week on 4th February.

The game is already available for PS5 – buying the game on PS4 will allow free PS5 upgrades, and vice versa – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, GOG and the Windows Store, but this will see them spread their adventure of love further, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Haven launched in December, the second game from indie developer The Game Bakers, it marked a major departure from the boss rush bullet hell hybrid of their first game Furi.

The game sees two lovers on the run and trying to settle on the planet of Source, an uninhabited world shattered into floating islands. The pair must travel these lands using Flow bridges, combatting the corrupting Rust that is spreading across it and make a home for themselves. It’s an intriguing adventure that can be played solo or in local co-op, depicting the maturing bond between these to young people.

The game garnered a fair bit of praise at its launch for the relationship it depicts, the positive tone of its story, its visual style and superb soundtrack from Danger – in fact, this won Best Original Soundtrack in our 2020 Game of the Year awards.

In our Haven review, Aran wrote:

Haven is an uplifting and positive tale of a young couple setting out to make an alien planet their home. Yu and Kay are a likeable pair as you watch their relationship strengthen, the world of Source is a gorgeous place to explore, and the soundtrack is great as well. While the overarching story could be deeper and battles could be streamlined further, Haven is a game that offers a chilled out escape.

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