Hitman 3 sales have already recouped development costs

After topping UK sales charts, Hitman 3 has already recouped its development costs according to developer IO Interactive.

The Danish studio, who also self-published this closing part in the Hitman reboot trilogy, have been delighted with Hitman 3’s launch week sales.

Outperforming Hitman 2, IO Interactive “have been really happy with the Hitman 3 journey”, buoyed by the game’s success as they push forward with new projects. Not only has Hitman 3 sold well, it’s also one of the highest rated games of 2021 so far with an OpenCritic average of 86, securing an early spot on those GOTY shortlists.

Speaking with GamesIndustry.biz, CEO Hakan Abrak outlined the game’s success and what it means for the developer:

It has been a labour of love between our fans and everyone at the studio. As the developer and publisher, we are immensely proud that we can say Hitman 3 is already profitable. We have recouped the total project costs in less than a week. That puts us in a really good place and allows us to confidently move forward with our ambitious plans for future projects.

We’ve been able to create a game that our players will love and bring it to them in the most direct way possible; developed and published by IOI. Having that focus early on has kept us on a path that we all believed in. Everyone at the studio was behind the vision for the game and they know the Hitman universe better than anyone.

Hitman 3 wraps the stylish and inventive trilogy perfectly, having scored an 8 out of 10 in our review. Hitman 3 is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, as well as Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch.

We can’t wait to see what other projects IO may have in the pipeline. Last November the team announced that they are working on a James Bond 007 game – a perfect fit for the studio, if you ask us.

As for Hitman 3, there’s a chance that we’ll get to explore even more locations via post-launch DLC. There’s been no confirmation as of yet though it’s worth mentioning that Hitman 2 had a season pass following release. We’re also waiting for news on the return of Hitman’s Elusive Targets. These time-limited contracts have appeared in both Hitman and Hitman 2, offering exclusive rewards with a twist: you only get one shot at killing these targets with no saves or restarts.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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  1. Proof that some games are overpriced at £60 a pop?

    • I’m not sure how this indicates that. How do you mean?

      • In one week they sold enough to recoup the entire production costs, so I guess every subsequent sale now is pure profit…?

        Either the production costs were relatively low or the game was relatively expensive. They could have sold it at £40-45 a pop, potentially sold more copies, and still recouped their production costs within a matter of weeks lol.

  2. They’ve only managed to make this profit because the game sold well, perhaps exceptionally so. How is a developer meant to know their game is going to be a commercial success before its release to make this sort of cost adjustment?

    • This was meant to be a reply to Lyts1985.

    • The fact it’s no.3 in a series indicates 1&2 were commercial successes and they can gauge from that. Plus that’s just this reboot, Hitman has been a license to print money for a long time. Lockdown and being one of few next gen titles has no doubt helped reach profitability sooner than targeted though, although imagine that would have only been a few months at best.

      Think comment was more price of games in general and the yarn that cost so much to develop yet most hitting profit much quicker than years gone by. Not to mention microtransaction profit far exceeds that from most games sales for very little outlay, yet prices keep going up and execs keep getting bigger and bigger bonuses.

  3. Are people really complaining it’s too expensive because they made a profit?

    Yes, the prices of games are going up, but not much. Inflation over the past 20 or 30 years means they’re about the same price as they’ve always been. Possibly a lot less in some cases. And yes, there are a lot more potential customers these days, so they could drop the price and sell more and make the same profit. But that’s probably a risky move. Most sales are shortly after a game is released. Drop the price, get more sales initially, then run into a problem with how much you can discount the game later to get extra sales. Often when there’s some DLC to sell as well. You can’t put it on sale for half price and sell the DLC while you’re at it if you’ve already lowered the price when it was released.

    And even if they’ve covered the costs of making the game in the first place, anything extra isn’t just “profit”. Note how they say “That puts us in a really good place and allows us to confidently move forward with our ambitious plans for future projects”? All that extra “profit” can go into paying everyone while they work on their next game, or to fund any DLC for Hitman 3 (although how would that work, since the game is the end of a trilogy?). All that money is needed to cover the costs of other stuff that won’t be making any money because it hasn’t been released yet.

    And most importantly, you can play all 20 levels from the 3 games, in VR, for just £55 (if you already own 1 and 2, and it’d be weird if you didn’t and were playing 3, surely?). £2.75 a level. Allowing for everything going wrong and reloading a save, maybe an hour on average for each level? Then play each one several times to try different things and the various stories, and you’re down to 50p an hour or less. Pretty much the opposite of overpriced, really.

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