Ninja Theory call it a day and end support of Bleeding Edge

Less than a year after release, Ninja Theory have announced that there will be no more content updates for their multiplayer brawler Bleeding Edge. The game’s servers will stay up for the time being, but the studio are shifting all their focus over to other projects that include Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Project Mara and The Insight Project.

The first new game released by the company after its acquisition by Microsoft, the game was an Xbox One and PC exclusive, trying to take a step into the realms of Games as a Service multiplayer battling. Somewhere between a League of Legends MOBA and a Hero Shooter like Overwatch, and filled out with a grungy cast of characters, it was a curious mix that showed potential upon its release on 24th March last year.

In our Bleeding Edge review, Dom wrote:

Bleeding Edge has all the components in place to be a genuinely entertaining multiplayer mainstay, there just needs to be more of it. With only a couple of maps and modes, and far too few skins and emotes, Ninja Theory will need to roll out more content to keep players engaged.

Unfortunately, despite that promise, the writing was on the wall for Bleeding Edge, right from the off. Though overall player counts would have been higher, and the game was featured in Xbox Game Pass on day one, SteamCharts only saw an average 480 players from the game in March 2020, and it slid from there.

Ninja Theory released a few updates for the game, adding two fighters – the dolphiin a mech-suit Mekko in April, and the angelic support character Azrael (with real shades of Overwatch’s Mercy) in July. There were a couple of new maps as well, but the Azrael update was the last that the game received, and while I’m sure the team continued to work on the game behind closed doors, they had been practically silent for the last 6 months prior to this announcement.

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