Silent Hill returns in a DLC pack for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals

Silent Hill fans are still waiting for remakes, remaster, or reboots, but in the meantime Konami seem happy to farm out the license to other games, the latest being Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals.

If that game doesn’t ring any bells – I had to look it up – it’s a PC only multiplayer game where players take on the role of monsters or mortals from Dark Deception’s universe and race around a maze collecting soul shards. You can buy it right now on Steam for the pleasing cheap price of £7.19.


The last time anything happened with Silent Hill was back in October when Konami created a Twitter account for the game.  Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals was also released in October last year and we’ve not covered the game before so here’s a trailer and a little more about the title.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is a multiplayer horror game where players take on the role of monsters and mortals from the Dark Deception universe (and others) and battle each other in nightmarish mazes. Some mazes will look familiar to Dark Deception fans, but many will be completely new! Monsters & Mortals has multiple gameplay modes to play with your friends:

1. Maze Escape: (3 v 1) Three mortals must collect the required number of shards to summon the portal & escape, while a monster seeks to stop or kill them before the time expires.

2. Shard Mayhem: Monsters only mode. 4 players compete against one another in a free for all to collect the most shards in the time limit provided. Shards spawn in waves and can be stolen from other players by attacking or killing them.

3. Soul Collection: 4 Mortals compete for shards in order to save their own soul. At the end of each shard wave, Malak will come for the player with the fewest shards and take their soul. They will become a monster and must hunt down the remaining mortal survivors. In the end, only one mortal will win the right to keep their soul.

Here are some of the key features of Monsters & Mortals:

– Unique mazes inspired by & taken from the hit game, Dark Deception.
– Powerful ultimate abilities unique to each character.
– Turn the tables with trap & boss activations. Monsters & Mortals adds new never-before-seen bosses!
– Collect item boxes to gain powers, health, trap items, status effects, and more!
– Waves of shards to collect
– Level up to unlock new stat tiers and level rewards!
– Play as monsters or mortals depending on which game mode you play.
– Unlock monster & mortal skins, art, new characters, and more in the Store!
– Instant matchmaking makes playing a game quick & painless!
– Invite your friends to private matches easily with our invite code system! Play with people you know!

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