Two new DLC packs released for FitXR giving you the option to box and dance

With lockdowns all over gyms have been forced to close in many places which has led to a boom in home workouts, and that includes exercise software being released. One of those is FitXR which was released a few months ago, and now FitXR has released two new DLC packs to add some variety to the workouts available in the base experience. Those DLC are Absolute Box and Absolute Dance. Each is priced at £7.99. Both DLC packs have four workouts included.

Sameer Baroova, Co-Founder of FitXR said:


“We’re really pleased to bring new DLC packs to FitXR for both existing fans and new users of our platform. We know what a difficult time it is at the moment and how fitness can play an important role in protecting people’s mental and physical wellbeing, so we’re excited to offer new and engaging ways to get fit from home. We also know how much our users enjoy a breadth of different classes, which is why we’ve looked to expand both our box and dance offerings. We will continue to evolve and improve our virtual studio to help create the most immersive and engaging fitness experience possible. We’re really keen to hear what our users think of the new classes!”

The foul classes available in Absolute Dance include:

  • Parachute – A complete body conditioning workout, great to pair with a box session
  • Wild – Dance cardio session with classic hip hop moves
  • Kokaracha – Body conditioning with lots of squats, lunges, and side steps
  • Stormy Weather – Aerobics and cardio focused

Whereas, Absolute Box’s four classes are:

  • Lasers And Stuff – a cardio based endurance challenge
  • Sweat On Me – work on your speed, reaction time, and hand eye coordination
  • Comma Get It – lower body focused to help strengthen legs
  • Bad – combines lower body, speed, and complex combinations

In our review for FitXR, Dom wrote:

FitXR is BoxVR 2 in all but name. That’s not a bad thing – BoxVR was a great VR trainer – and the fact that previous owners get the upgrade for free is a nice move in this age of nickel and diming customers. The new social aspect, and the refined action, ensure that FitXR is a VR fitness class well worth booking in for.
You can read the FitXR Review here.
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