Control: Ultimate Edition Guide – 8 things to know before you play

Tips and tricks for exploring The Oldest House.

With Control: Ultimate Edition launching today, The Oldest House has opened its doors once again. Developer Remedy Entertainment have been carrying out some refurbishments, this beefed up version of the game running at 60fps or at 30fps raytracing on new consoles and bundling in its two DLC expansions.


Behind its effortless style and perplexing lore, Control is relatively straightforward in terms of game systems and mechanics. A third person shooter that has you battling the nightmarish Hiss as you learn more about its mysterious setting and solve the occasional environmental puzzle.


We’ve put together eight useful tips and tricks that helped us get the most out of Control. Ultimate Edition is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S (quick note: you won’t be able to import you save data from previous gen consoles).

1. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to dive straight into the options menu and switch on Control’s Assist Mode. Here you can fiddle with a number of settings to suit your own preferences, dialling down enemy damage, replenishing energy faster, or even making yourself invincible. Control has no difficulty settings, but by using Assist Mode you are free to create your own – don’t worry, it won’t stop you from unlocking trophies and achievements.

2. Control isn’t what we’d class a cover-based shooter. You can’t have Jesse snap to walls and columns as you can in games like Gears of War or Uncharted. However, learning to use cover can get you out of a tricky spot. Remember to use the overlooked crouch action, allowing you to duck and cut off an enemy’s line of sight.

3. Read and listen through every collectible you find. Each sector is stuffed with letters, files, audiotapes, and other items to discover. This will have no impact on gameplay though understanding more about the characters, settings, and concepts fuelling Control’s underlying mythos will definitely improve your overall experience with the game.

4. Make sure you locate and cleanse every Control point within each sector. These checkpoints offer two major benefits, acting as both a free health top-up as well as a convenient fast travel location.

5. Your weapon options may seem limited at first, but Jesse’s service pistol will adapt over the course of the game, learning new forms. These will effectively change its behaviour to copy the characteristics of other guns. Aside from Grip (pistol), you’ll also unlock Shatter (shotgun), Spin (machine gun), Pierce (sniper rifle), and Charge (rocket launcher) as well as Surge (grenade launcher) that was added via the AWE expansion. Make sure you experiment with all of them, swapping your loadout to match certain enemy types and combat scenarios.

6. The other way you can enhance your playstyle is by slotting Mods. These will drop at random during battles and can also be scavenged from glowing crates found throughout The Oldest House. They come in two different flavours: those that effect weapons, and those that effect Jesse’s core abilities. Which mods you should equip will vary from player to player though we typically went for improved health, damage, and weapon recharge rate. Those wanting to show off Jesse’s supernatural powers should invest in energy recharger and recovery as well as ability-specific Mods.

7. It should come as no surprise that The Oldest House is riddled with secrets. Make sure you scour each sector carefully for hidden areas, usually obscured by destructible walls and debris. Not only will you earn ability points for doing so, these nooks and crannies also conceal Mod chests and other collectables.

8. Unless you’re dead set on blitzing through Control’s story, you should occasionally take a breather and revisit the Central Executive area. This basically acts as Jesse’s headquarters with several key NPCs to chat to, learning more about the game’s lore and taking on additional assignments. The Central Executive control point is the only place where you can change your outfit, too.

Control scored a 9 out of 10 in our review at launch. Here’s what Aran had to say: “Control is one of the best story-focused single player games in years. Its unique mix of surrealism, sci-fi and mystery draws you in, but doesn’t give everything away, and the combat is fantastically varied and provides just enough challenge. A culmination of everything that went before, Control is Remedy’s magnum opus.”.

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