Destruction AllStars microtransactions explained

Destruction AllStars is finally here and although it may have been benched during the PS5 console launch last November, it’s hard to argue that Sony didn’t make the right move. With a strong cluster of exclusives already available on day one, Destruction AllStars could easily have been buried. For a game that is mainly multiplayer focused, potentially empty servers just weeks after launch would have spelt doom.


As a result, Sony have basically pivoted Destruction AllStars into a free-to-play title. For a limited time it will be available to everyone who has an active PlayStation Plus subscription after which point it will presumably go up for sale as a full priced game.


Destruction AllStars features a number of in-game microtransactions – bonus pieces of content players can be unlocked by spending cash. It’s hard to say whether these were added/reworked in that period between DA’s originally intended release date and now, though we’d say it’s likely given that aforementioned move to becoming a PlayStation Plus freebie.

So, how do microtransactions work in Destruction AllStars? Well, there are two currency counters you’ll notice when surfing through menus and browsing the in-game shop. The gold currency – referred to as AC – is simply earned by playing, each level-up awarding you 1,000 AC. Meanwhile the pink DP – or Destruction Points – are a premium currency that can only be purchased with real money.

There are three DP bundles available via the PlayStation Store: 500DP for £3.99, 1000DP for £7.99, and 2000DP for £15.99. As you can see there is no discount on buying the bigger DP bundles.

There are various in-game items that can be purchased in Destruction AllStars. Some of these can only be bought using AC, others only DP while a small number will accept either. It’s important to note that none of these effect gameplay whatsoever and are mostly cosmetic. They’re a way of glamming up your player profile or decking out your favourite AllStar and their hero vehicle of choice. You can buy skins, emotes, vehicle emotes, shouts, avatars, and banners.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to spend DP in order to unlock new Challenger Series. Each one is a collection of singleplayer challenges tailored to a specific character, offering a glut of cosmetics upon completion. The first, featuring Ultimo Barricado, is free though additional Challenger Series cost 400DP each. In effect, Sony and Lucid Games are putting key singleplayer content behind a paywall which is a shame though Destruction AllStars is still best enjoyed online against others.

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