The Falconeer – The Hunter DLC will let you fly dragons as it swoops onto Xbox Game Pass today

The Falconeer is receiving its first paid DLC in the form of The Hunter, a (very, very cheap) premium content pack that adds a new class, the ability to fly dragons, and more. It’s perfectly timed to compliment the game’s release into Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox consoles, PC and cloud streaming.

The Hunter DLC will cost just £1.69 / $1.99 / €1.99 and is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

The new class is the Mongres Hunter, who comes with the ability to fly the ceremonial Ormir, a speedy drake that comes with some serious firepower. There’s also the new Pyro Pots weapon, which are spectacular looking homing weapons split off into multiple smaller missiles. Flying dragons has been one of the most-requested additions by the community, and game creator Tomas Sala has only been happy to oblige.

Tomas Sala said, “I’ve loved reading what both press, and consumers have to say about The Falconeer, and their feedback is inspiring. Some have called The Falconeer uncompromising, but they haven’t seen what’s coming next.”

Before you get to what’s next, the paid content will come alongside a free update to the game that brings a wide array of quality of life imporvements. That ranges from balance adjustments to custom waypoints, map changes, improved player models to make photo mode more impressive, and more.

Jason reviewed the game upon release and while he enjoyed it and the world it created, it didn’t quite catch his imagination as much as he hoped it would:

I find myself a little perplexed by The Falconeer. I still thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game, but it almost felt like I was doing so in spite of how I felt about the gameplay. I do think The Falconeer is going to find an audience that loves it wholeheartedly, but also that there will be plenty of others for whom this falls a bit flat too.

You can read our full review here, but it sounds like Sala is doing his damnedest to improve and grow his game further and further.

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