Pricey Death Stranding Sam Porter figure goes up for pre-order

Death Stranding fans will soon have a chance to get their hands on some very pricey merch. Toy company GOOD SMILE are opening pre-orders for the latest product in their figma range: Death Stranding’s Sam Porter Bridges.

Portrayed by Norman Reedus in the 2019 post-apocalyptic postman sim, we see him navigating a splintered United States while strapped to a baby and dodging nightmarish creatures known as BTs.


Now immortalised in stunningly detailed plastic, you’ll be able to have your own fully posable Sam Porter Bridge complete with an assortment of attachable accessories. There are two different versions of the figma figure going up for sale today, the regular and DX.

For around thirty bucks more at $121.99, the DX edition comes tagged with extra headwear, Sam’s bola gun, and additional storage containers (as shown in the image below).

Even if you have that kind of money to spend, you’ll have to wait a while before this sweet piece of merch drops with an estimated shipping date of November 2021. Here are some more details on the gigma:

  • Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can create a variety of action-packed poses from the game.
  • A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
  • 3D paintwork has been utilized to realistically recreate his face.
  • The figma comes with a small cargo case, an assault rifle along with damage sensor tape & CARGO ID stickers.

Death Stranding was one of our top games of 2019, earning a coveted 10 out of 10 in our review at launch. Here’s what Tuffcub had to say:

Embrace the madness, enjoy not having a bloody clue what is going on or why so many people have Bridge in their name. Get that pizza delivered while it is still hot and then abseil down a cliff with a corpse strapped to your back. Drink Monster Energy, repave roads, fight squid lions, ‘like’ postboxes, take a nap, crap grenades. Be baffled by how Mads Mikkelsen fits into the story, why only sea creatures go to the afterlife, and bathe in a colonic cleansing hot spa at the top of a mountain.

Death Stranding is like nothing I have ever played; beautiful, heart racing, heart breaking, frustrating, epic, stunning, and utterly nuts. I laughed, I cried, I cursed, and I went to the toilet an awful lot. Death Stranding isn’t just my Game of the Year, it’s a contender for Game of the Generation too.

Death Stranding is available on PlayStation 4. The game launched on PC last year, published by 505 Games with a PS5 enhanced version or upgrade rumoured to be in the pipeline yet there’s no confirmation from developer Kojima Productions.


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