Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 and the next expansion – here’s what to expect

What new jobs, races, and locations will Square announce?

Tomorrow morning at 1:30am (UK time anyway), we will very likely have the reveal of the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. Shadowbringers was, putting it lightly, an emotional rollercoaster and there’s arguments for it being one of the greatest Final Fantasy tales of all time. So, with thoughts turning to the next expansion, we sat down to think about where the game could go from here.

Quick note: there will be Shadowbringers and Final Fantasy XIV spoilers ahead. Those players who don’t follow the storyline can go ahead and skip the next paragraph.

We’re going into Patch 5.5 and, of course, 6.0 with a lot up in the air as you would want from a new expansion. Fandaniel is aiding Zenos in causing devastation of the Source, heralded by the sudden appearance of towers throughout the realm. The Scions have managed to return to the Source from the First, and have awoken G’raha Tia from the Crystal Tower to join them. Also, the storyline of Eden has come to a close, bringing the Empty in the First back to life, and all of the above isn’t even the half of it. Did you get all that?

So, despite barely recovering from the emotional gut punches that made up Patch 5.3 and 5.4, we thought we would look ahead with some speculation about the possible new locations and Jobs for Final Fantasy XIV in the next expansion before the livestream. We did consider guessing about the story too, but it has taken so many turns already, it would be honestly foolish to try.

Final Fantasy XIV new expansion locations

Where 6.0 is looking like it will go has altered considerably for us over the past few patches. Initially, the idea of taking to fight to the Garleans by invading Garlemald looked like a distinct possibility, but what with the civil war and disarray in the city state at the moment, it looks pretty unlikely now.  But then that leads to the question of where the next expansion could be set…

Bozja/Ivalice – What with the Relic Weapon quests of Shadowbringers being tied to the liberation of Bozja from imperial rule, this would be a pretty safe bet for the key location for 6.0. The only shortcoming with this would be how much of Bozja itself remains after the events that resulted in the Seventh Umbral Calamity. If not, we would most definitely settle for more trips to Ivalice.

Sharlayan – This would be my personal pick, and is the most realistic possibility. We currently have various scholars of Sharlayan origin as comrades, and we haven’t heard anything of note from their place of origin since the Isle of Val was attacked. There’s a lot that could be in the home of vaunted scholars such as Louisoix, maybe even the key to truly defeating Zenos.

The 13th Shard – This location wouldn’t have been considered if it weren’t for what happened with Eden, and the remaining plot threads around Unukalhai. The plucky fellow was saved from the Void by Elidibus, and the Warrior of Light has visited this shard on several occasions now. This is a less likely option, but given the Void Quests, it’s not impossible.

Final Fantasy XIV new expansion jobs

But, honestly, who really cares about the story? That’s the boring stuff! The key thing that we all want to know about going into a new expansion are the new player classes, or Jobs. Shadowbringers added both the Gunbreaker and Dancer to the table, bringing the number of tank classes up to four and adding a new DPS option with heavy party utility, but what is really missing from the Job list in FFXIV as it stands?

Chemist – Realistically, this or another Healer have a high chance of appearing in 6.0, especially as Healers now make up the smallest group in the roles. Chemist would be my pick simply because it would be great to have another Healer that can aid the party beyond healings, so closer to Astrologian. Also, you could mix spells in a method similar to Ninja.

Beastmaster – This has been teased for a while, and could make for an interesting addition to the game. The only concern here would be that it could result in another Limited Job like Blue Mage, which the player base didn’t take particularly well. However, if this had content related to it that wasn’t the abominable Masked Carnivale, a DPS with beasties could be a winner.

In fact, Dom also added that he agreed that “maybe we’ll get the Beastmaster class as they’ve been ticking things off that list for years”, also adding that they “think an all new area will be tied into the class like we got in Stormblood” perhaps hinting that a wilder setting might come with Beastmaster.

Catmancer – This is an outside chance to the point of being a farce, but it is possibly my favourite Job to ever appear in a JRPG. It appeared in Bravely Second and behaved similarly to Blue Mage in that they have a wide range of abilities based on the cat food the player put down. It would never work in Final Fantasy XIV, but I would never shut up about it if it were to happen.

This article is by no means exhaustive. We mean, we haven’t even speculated on Job changes (honestly, Bard and Red Mage need improvements), the severe lack of Glamour Plates versus possible Jobs, or even on the possibility of what the future Raids will be after the phenomenal NieR crossover series. But what is for sure is Yoshi-P and the team will undoubtedly continue to surprise us. At the very least, we have one hell of a battle coming our way with Zenos and Fandaniel. 

What would you love to come with the next expansion? Let us know!