Stellaris’ next expansion is Nemesis and it give players the “most powerful tools” so far

Paradox Interactive has confirmed what the next expansion for the grand strategy game Stellaris will be, and that expansion is called Nemesis. According to Paradox, players will be given the most powerful tools and mechanics so far for the game, and there is a reason for that. With Nemesis there are two major paths players can seemingly take, and that is either bringing the galaxy back to glory and order. Or players can choose to destroy everything by pitting factions against each other and essentially triggering a galaxy wide apocalypse.


Here is a little description on what to expect:

“Players will also be encouraged to use lies and deceit in order to gather intel on opponents and turn allies against each other. All new gameplay mechanics will prove that sometimes, wars are won quietly, behind enemy lines. Knowledge is power – especially in times of conflict.”

A release date for Nemesis is yet to be confirmed by Paradox Interactive, but the expansion is available to wishlist on Steam and GOG. You can see what Stefan thought of the console edition in our review:

Stellaris: Console Edition is a solid port of what is easily Paradox Interactive’s most accessible grand strategy game. While Stellaris has evolved and grown over the past three years on PC, the base game is still a good solid grand strategy title with some intriguing ideas for storytelling and managing an endgame, though without some of the depth of their other titles. More importantly, wrapped a controller and TV friendly interface around the game that puts control over even the grandest of empires well within your grasp.
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