Destruction AllStars Guide – 11 essential tips & tricks

Earn some Wreckognition with our handy gameplay guide.

Having crashed its way onto PS5 earlier this week, there’s a good chance many of you have snapped up Destruction AllStars for free via your PlayStation Plus subscriptions.


One part Destruction Derby, one part Overwatch, it’s a bizarre combination of genres that has you switching between two feet and four wheels as larger-than-life characters compete for glory.


Destruction AllStars isn’t quite on par with Sony’s other PS5 exclusives, scoring a 6 out of 10 in our review at launch. While fun in short frenzied blasts, like most car combat games it can get repetitive and is let down by an overall lack of engaging content.

Anyhow, for those seeking Wreckognition, we’ve whipped up a handy guide full of tips and pointers to help you come out on top.

Destruction AllStars Guide – 11 essential tips & tricks

1. After the initial tutorial you are free to dive into some multiplayer but we’d strongly recommend hitting up the practice menu. Here you will find handy tutorials for each of the four primary game modes, against AI bots. This is an ideal way to acquaint yourself with the sixteen playable heroes too, learning their Breaker skills and Hero Vehicle powers.

2. Bumping into a teammate’s vehicle won’t cause any damage but can slow or even stop the pair of you, leaving you both exposed to an incoming slam.

3. Excluding the unique Hero Vehicles, there are three car classes in Destruction AllStars. Immediately identifiable, you have a light, medium, and heavy option, each with varying stats in terms of speed, control, and durability, though they all handle similarly.

4. Play as each hero at least once. There’s a vibrant, diverse cast in Destruction AllStars and they own have their own unique on-foot Breaker ability as well as a signature Hero Vehicle. You’ll naturally gravitate towards a handful of them, matching their special powers with your own playstyle, whether it’s Shyft’s invisibility or Harmony’s devastating bass blasts.

5. Activating your Hero Vehicle should be your main objective in any game mode. In order to do this you’ll need to score point but, more importantly, make sure you’re dabbling in some out-of-car parkour to power up your Breaker and Hero Vehicle gauge.

6. Breakers are temporary on-foot abilities such as Ultimo’s running charge or Lupita’s flame trail. Don’t be stingy and cling on to your Breaker as it can also be used to make your AllStar more mobile with faster movement and a double jump, ideal for snapping up hero energy.

7. In Mayhem your goal is to score points, earned every time you barge, hit, wreck, KO, evade, of Takeover. The tip here is make sure you’re in the middle of the action at all times, occasionally breaking away to find a fresh vehicle.

8. In Gridfall, survival is key. Sections of the arena will start to fall away so keep note of what areas are marked red. You start out with one respawn though the game encourages you to earn more by actively hitting and wrecking your rivals instead of hiding away. Doing so will only leave you with fewer lives when down to the last two or three players. Remember to use your hero’s barge attack when outside of your vehicle. This is easiest way of knocking another Star off the map and into the pit below.

9. In Carnado every action will earn you Gears that need to be cashed in to win points for your team. In order to do this you’ll need to safely carry them to the Carnado to make a successful conversion. Getting wrecked or being taken over by an opponent will forfeit any Gears collected. To earn Gears, try patrolling the outer circle for attack opportunities. Some Hero Vehicle abilities are great for holding down the Carnado, wrecking opponents trying to cash in their Gears and denying them a huge point payout.

10. In Stockpile two teams of eight players go head to head. Like Carnado your objective is to collect and bank Gears though here it works a little differently. You’ll only earn Gears for the successful KO or wreck of an opponent. On top of that, you can only grab the Gears left behind by leaving your vehicle and retrieving them when on foot. You’ll then need to make your way to one of the three bank podiums, standing on top to deposit your Gears. Conquering all three can be a chore unless you’re a well co-ordinated team so just make sure you’re dominating two before the timer runs out.

11. If you’re looking to go for the Destruction AllStars platinum trophy then prepare for some grinding. There’s a mix of easily attainable progress-related trophies, then sixteen trophies linked to each Hero Vehicle ability. Most of these require you to wreck multiple opponents in a short amount of time, deal/absorb a set amount of damage etc. so jumping into Mayhem seems like a good spot to earn these. In each Mayhem match there should be a handful of opportunities to have your Hero Vehicle plough into a busy crowd of rivals.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more game modes, events, and characters added to Destruction AllStars in the near future. Developer Lucid Games have promised that this is only just the start.

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  1. I will post a wee quick tips on all 16 characters in specific game modes to obtain the trophy :)
    Carnado is the best mode for wins with each character aswell as going for the 50 wins. But feel free to play other modes if you prefer.
    S+++ Wreckgonition will come naturally when you are playing for fun. A certain hero can do big damage for S+++ like Harmony with her music blast radius in Mayhem Mode.

    Shyft – Carnado; small chance of getting hit by the opposing team. Better than Mayhem

    Undisputed – any mode just be idle ensure your parked against the wall and wait for an incoming attack and activate breaker.

    Muna – any mode, very easy for 5 seconds.

    Hana- she was tricky I did it in Mayhem. You have to try to line up the boost to go through two vehicles! Best map is Tokyo in Carnado as that is just a ring/circle track.

    Fuego – he is a pain and will be a Platinum breaker! You have to pray to have around 5 players in Carnado to start the game never mind a full match! (I got lucky) you have to activate and set the entire team on fire. Best way is to stay alive as long as you can and can use Breaker as many times. Just don’t get totalled or you have to start again. Best done on that Tokyo map! Good Luck!

    Lupita – Mayhem and just set it on fire in the middle of the track this will come naturally.

    Harmony – she is also tricky to pull! Make sure the vehicle is weak before activating Breaker. Best done in Carnado. Can try in Mayhem but players will jump out. In Carnado they will risk due to amount of Gears they carrying.

    Twinkle – Mayhem try to find the weak car first then activate to wreck it and be quick for the other two!

    Xander- Mayhem focus on staying that target! Try not to get hit!

    Angelo – Same as Xander.

    Ratu – this took my time thanks to Twitter tip. Best done on Gridfall with one player remaining! Try to get Hero with 4 remaining or 3 and hit the cars to build up and stay alive until one is remaining and boom trophy!

    BlueFang – Mayhem slightly hard but keep trying. Mayhem when surround try to drift in circle the cars will accidently go into you (when they think they can damage you side or behind)

    Jian- Mayhem or Gridfall try to get all 3 close by and activate it!

    BoxTop – Mayhem does not need to wreck cars so look for a vehicle with full health and hit that 1st car in time of activatation then quickly find 2 full or half health vehicles!

    Rescue – Same as above!

    Genesis – easy any mode just remember to boost (right stick forward) while on breaker for an extra speed.

    Hope these will help :)

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